Nail stickers: the latest trend in nails

Do you also want beautiful nails, but don’t want to put too much effort into it? No hassle with nail polish that still needs to dry or no patience to apply nail art? Then nail stickers are definitely something for you. Nail stickers are quick and easy to apply, they last at least a week and they are also easy to remove.

What are nail stickers?

As the name suggests, nail stickers are stickers for your nails. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. Lately, just about every beauty brand is launching nail stickers. There is plenty of choice. The price of nail stickers varies from €2 to €10 per set. Experience shows that the more expensive stickers often last longer than the cheap ones. The cheap nail stickers will chip faster. There are many benefits to nail stickers. You no longer have to paint your nails, so you don’t have any drying time. You don’t need a base and top coat and if you want to remove the nail stickers you don’t need a nail polish remover. Nail stickers are available for hands and some brands also sell nail stickers for toes. A pack of nail stickers often contains about 18 different nail shapes, so there is always a sticker that fits your nails perfectly. Some brands also include a file.

Where can you buy nail stickers?

More and more stores are selling nail stickers. You can order nail stickers on the internet or simply buy them at the drugstore. Stores such as Hema, Primark, Action and Sephora sell their own brand of nail stickers. At the drugstore you can find nail stickers from Sylvie Nails, Essie, L’Oreal Paris, Essence, Miss Sporty and many more brands. Each brand sells its own designs (patterns), so it just depends on what you like. In any case, it is not a difficult task to obtain nail stickers.

How do you apply nail stickers?

Applying nail stickers is actually very simple. You stick the sticker on your nail and file off the rest. This is the simplest and fastest way. It is of course much more fun if you can enjoy your nail stickers for longer. It is best to proceed as follows.

  • Push back your cuticles.
  • Roughen your nails a little with a file.
  • Degrease your nails with nail polish remover.
  • Choose the right stickers for your nails and stick them on. It is best to do this with tweezers, so that the adhesive surface of the sticker remains intact.
  • If you stick the sticker on your nail, press the center first and then the sides to avoid bubbles and edges.
  • File the remaining sticker from your nail. It is best to file from top to bottom, carefully and calmly.
  • Use 1 layer of top coat. Really use 1 layer, because if you use too much top coat you will soak the nail stickers and that is very ugly.
  • Do you want to enjoy your nail stickers even longer? Then use 1 more layer of top coat the next day.


What are good nail stickers?

On the internet you can find many different tests and reviews about nail stickers. One of the better nail stickers are the ones from L’Oreal Paris. These nail stickers will remain in place for up to 10 days. They cost 8.49, which is a fairly high price, but it is certainly worth it. The nail stickers from Essie are also very good, they cost 9.99.
Do you want nail stickers for 1 evening? Then you can easily go for cheaper nail stickers. Action has nail stickers for 0.65. Not expensive, right?

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