Beauty: Facial cleansing wipes

Many brands have them in their range and even more than one type: facial cleansing wipes. Easy to use and often even suitable for removing eye make-up from the face. But are all wipes equally good or in other words… what should you pay attention to when buying cleaning wipes? Many people who use cleansing wipes just take whatever is at hand. While they do not do that when they purchase lotions, milk and other cleaning materials. If you want to use cleansing wipes, it is good to see what they do for your skin and what they do for your skin is no different than the liquid versions. You also have different wipes for different skin types. Most brands have standard ones for combination skin and one or two for special skin types. Pay close attention to this!

Critical look at cleaning wipes


If you are going to look critically at the cleaning wipes, it is also wise to check whether the wipes are biodegradable. This will usually be there, but you can also look at the material used. If they are vegetable fibers, they are in principle biodegradable (think of bacteria, for example), but it is still a long process. Normally the wipes are simply deposited in the normal waste bin. Yves Rocher, Robi and Heaven, among others, have wipes that are completely biodegradable.

Also eye make-up remover?

Many people use the cleansing wipes for convenience and it is actually nice if the eye make-up can be removed immediately with these wipes. However, this is not the case by default. It is usually stated on the packaging, but of course it has to do with the substances it contains. You should not rub the eyes hard and you should not use all substances around the eyes. Moreover, you also have special wipes that you can use with waterproof makeup. Garnier and Botanics, among others, have wipes that also remove waterproof makeup.

No perfume?

It is then useful to consider whether you want wipes without added perfume. Not many people pay attention to it until they have an allergic reaction or the skin feels dry (which can also have another cause). From the moment people experience allergic reactions, they are alert to all products, this is visible and action is usually taken. This is no different for wipes, because most wipes contain perfume for a pleasant scent (that matches the product). So if you don’t want this at all or the smell is too strong, check the packaging carefully. Including Dr. vd Hoog and Robi have completely unscented wipes.


The wipes are often used just before the holiday period. Nice and easy and no chance of leaks. However, not all packages close well enough once opened, which means the wipes can dry out. There are plastic holders for sale, with nice prints, that fit one pack and some brands occasionally have a promotion where they can be obtained for free with two packs. Be on the safe side and use such a holder.
Most brands have approximately the same size packaging. Only the brands that have the wipes rolled up in tubes, which are usually easier to close, or the rolls do not go with the standard holders. There are also always individually packaged wipes. The first brands do not have these in their standard range and, moreover, these wipes are usually a lot more expensive. You can still talk about hygiene. However, if you neatly remove a cloth from the packets, hygiene will be fine.

Ease of use?

Ease of use is a difficult one, because it is and remains a matter of trial and error. Some people want a damper cloth and others don’t like that. They all cleanse, but the type of material and the ease with which makeup can be removed from the face are fairly similar. But people differ and what works perfectly for one person may not be a great success for another. There are some things you can pay attention to without using it, such as the size. For example, Olay and Demakup have wipes that are slightly larger in size, which can be useful. Especially if you also want to include the eyes and preferably the neck.


If prices can still be decisive for your decision, then it may become a difficult one. Most range from 4.50 to 7.00 and contain 25 and sometimes 30 wipes. If you keep an eye on the offers, you can sometimes have double packs for an attractive price. Furthermore, the drugstore chains’ own brands are usually slightly cheaper than the well-known brands.


In any case, these wipes are ideal for on the road, so they are used in large numbers during the holidays. But if you travel a lot for work or otherwise, it can also be a solution. Cleansing is sufficient and when you have more time, taking a deeper cleansing, mask or steam bath is always good for the face.

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