Similarities between Taurus and Pisces

Taurus and Pisces seem like opposite signs at first glance. Their characters do not directly match each other. Yet there is a certain appeal. In order to be able to build up a long-term relationship, water must be compromised with both the one and the other.

The strong Taurus

The bull has always been the symbol of strength, perseverance and masculinity. A bull is calm when left alone but if anyone disturbs or bothers him you have to run for your life because he will attack you. The same applies to Taurus as a star sign: anyone born under this sign has a calm nature, but when he gets angry he can no longer control himself and it is best to stay away from him.
Determined and straight towards his goal, that is what Taurus is all about and that is why he contrasts so strongly with other zodiac signs.

Fickle Pisces

Pisces is mysterious and intriguing. People born under this sign are talented and creative, which means they continue to toil and toil throughout their lives. Fickleness is innate to them. Pisces is represented in astrology by a drawing with two fish: one pointing downwards and the other pointing upwards. This perfectly reflects the mental state of such people: they are quite confused and cannot make good choices or decisions.

Reconciling extremes

Extremes are attracted to each other. This is the case with Taurus and Pisces. They bring out the best in each other, especially when it comes to physical needs. Pisces’ warmth and tenderness softens Taurus’ inability to adapt to change in life, while Taurus’ stability and calm approach helps Pisces focus on its own talents. He feels protected by the tough Taurus.
Be careful, however: jealousy, risk of infidelity and dominance make being with Taurus unbearable at times. So if you hang out with a Taurus, treat him with kid gloves. Pisces, on the other hand, never knows what he wants in life, he constantly changes his mind. His sentimental nature sometimes causes resentment.
Understanding and emotional stability can make the relationship between the two more intimate.

Tips for better understanding

  • Starting a relationship is usually easy, but when it comes to keeping the relationship going it becomes a lot more difficult. A relationship cannot work without quality moments. It is important that Taurus understands that he must have empathy for Pisces and that Pisces in turn must accept his partner as he is, because Tauruses hate having to explain themselves.
  • The bond between the two can be seriously tested as a result of Taurus’ exaggerated expectations. On the other hand, it irritates Taurus that Pisces has such difficulty making decisions. The key to their happiness will be a balance between intimacy and reality. Accept each other’s weaknesses and try to improve yourself.
  • Pisces, don’t try to please everyone: you can’t please everyone. Stop trying so hard for everyone and invest more time in pleasing your partner. That will benefit your relationship.
  • Dear Taurus, don’t be so hard on yourself and your partner. Take life as it presents itself. Enjoy the spontaneity and dare to go for it.
  • Both Taurus and Pisces need to respect each other’s emotional and aesthetic needs.

Famous couples are: Penelope Cruz (Taurus) and Javier Bardem (Pisces); Tony Parker (Taurus) and Eva Longoria (Pisces); David Gest (Taurus) and Liza Minnelli (Pisces) and Geoffrey Arend (Pisces), Chris Brown (Taurus) and Rihanna (Pisces).

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