Tired eyes: give them a nourishing mask

It is sometimes said that eyes are the mirror of your soul. If they look tired it gives the impression that you are tired, sad or perhaps sick. How your eyes feel determines how you feel as a whole. If you want to do something extra for your eyes, you can do so in a simple way. This way you can make a refreshing eye mask yourself and look sparkling again. It can be done very easily with, for example, used tea bags or cucumber slices.

Comfort for your eyes

Your eyes determine whether you look radiant, sad or tired. The delicate skin around the eyes also plays a major role in this. If you suffer from burning eyes, you look at the world with a much less open mind. How your eyes feel affects your overall feeling. Sufficient sleep and a healthy lifestyle largely determine how you look, but you can be extra kind to your eyes by pampering them. This can be done easily by making your own nourishing mask.

Tender skin around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is very delicate. It contains hardly any subcutaneous fat, sebaceous and sweat glands. That is why sun, wind and light can have so much influence on this skin. This skin is only half a millimeter thick. The remaining facial skin is about two millimeters thick. Due to the aging process, elasticity decreases and more and more wrinkles become visible. Therefore, never use a product that contracts or stretches the skin.

Recycling of tea bags

You had a nice cup of tea. Do not throw away the cold tea bags, but place them on your closed eyes. This allows you to immediately take a moment of rest and indulge in it. After ten minutes of relaxing, you can take them off again. If you suffer from inflamed eyes, use chamomile tea bags because chamomile has an anti-inflammatory effect. The cooled bags of regular black tea work well against swollen eyelids. This contains tannin that has a relaxing effect, reducing swelling.

Place discs on your eyes

Many people think of cucumber slices when they think of an eye mask. It is true that it is very refreshing. If you want to use something else, you can also place potato slices on your closed eyes. This has a soothing effect on tired and swollen eyes. It ensures that swelling decreases and the skin around the eyes becomes fresher. If you want to combat bags under your eyes, use tomato and apple slices. Leave it on for twenty minutes and enjoy the relaxation. If necessary, you can apply a drop of almond oil to the eyelids and under the eyes before going to bed and spread it carefully.

Comforting eye lotions

Pamper your eyes with an eyewash. Dab your eyes with wet cotton balls. You can also use this as an eye compress. You can make your own eye lotion with the herb eyebright. This plant has long been used for eye disorders such as inflammation, redness, burning, fatigue or watery eyes. Take one tablespoon of dried or two tablespoons of fresh eyebright and a cup of boiling hot water and mix it. Let it cool and store it in a sealable container in the refrigerator. Wash your eyes with this regularly. Homemade lotions have a limited shelf life. You can keep them refrigerated for about a week. Eyebright is available at the drugstore or pharmacy. But it is rare in the Netherlands and therefore a protected plant species. If you can’t find the herb, try rosemary, sage or elderflower.

Witch hazel

This herb is also suitable as an eye lotion. It is also known as hamamelis. Also add a tablespoon of (dried) witch hazel to a cup of boiling hot water. Stir the mixture and let it cool. You can then strain it and store it in a sealable jar or bottle. It has a disinfectant effect and is good against red and swollen eyelids.

Eye mask

Make a nice eye mask yourself. Gradually heat a small bowl or jar with a tablespoon of honey in a pan of hot water (heat in a bain-marie). Add a teaspoon of rose water, a few saffron threads, rose petals and a teaspoon of almond oil. Then let it cool down and apply the mask to your eyelids and the skin around them. Leave it on for about ten minutes, then rinse gently and pat the skin dry.

Eye oil

Grind five mint leaves with water and strain. Then you can add a tablespoon of almond oil and half a teaspoon of honey. Mix the mixture until it becomes a smooth substance. Apply this under the eyes before going to sleep.

Icy refreshment

It is wonderfully refreshing to pamper your eyes with ice cream. There are several options for this. Choose the treatment that appeals to you most or vary it occasionally. You can do the following treatments:

  1. Mix a cup of rose water with 3 tablespoons of honey and a few drops of neroli (essential oil). You can also use the essential oils rose oil or cornflower oil. Mix the ingredients and pour the liquid into an ice cube tray and freeze. Use the cubes on the eyelids and the contours of the eyes.
  2. Take a bag of green tea and a bag of black tea. Let both bags steep in half a liter of boiled water for five minutes. Pour the cooled tea into an ice cube tray. Use on the eyelids and the contours of the eyes.
  3. Swollen eyelids can be treated very well if you put cucumber slices in the freezer and then leave them on your eyelids for about ten minutes.


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