Similarities between Gemini and Pisces

A relationship between Gemini and Pisces is not impossible because they do have a few points of contact, but the differences in character and attitude to life are significant, so that a lot of good will is needed to make a relationship work.

Agility is the key word

Whether Gemini and Pisces are compatible largely depends on their flexibility in trying to make a relationship successful. Both partners naturally have a strong will to adapt and compromise to meet the needs and aspirations of the other. However, there are few common elements in terms of personality that should encourage them to bridge a difference in vision.

The differences

While Gemini is the pragmatic thinker, Pisces tends to act from the heart. Pisces is sensitive and caring and is often put off by the rather clinical approach of its partner. Gemini is born with a free spirit and tends to lose sight of other people’s feelings. Pisces absolutely do not like this thoughtless attitude.
Another difference between Gemini and Pisces is that the former loves variety and gets bored easily, while the other is steadfast and once he decides or opts for something, he sticks to it. That’s why Gemini easily gets bored with things that require long-term attention, which annoys Pisces.
Sexually, Pisces is a timid lover with whom Gemini can easily reconcile. However, Gemini will look elsewhere to meet his needs as the novelty and excitement of a fresh relationship begins to wear off.
Pisces’ constant cry for attention can be an object of resentment for Gemini. Gemini feels deprived and limited in its freedom by Pisces’ desire for constant attention and vague expectations. This difference in interests can drive a wedge between the two.
However, a good relationship between Gemini and Pisces is possible if both are willing to give 100 percent and do everything they can to make their relationship work.

Tips for better understanding

  • In a relationship between Gemini and Pisces, the two partners must work on greater understanding of the other’s vision and thoughts. While Gemini must learn to empathize with his Pisces partner’s feelings, Pisces must work to overcome his resistance to Gemini’s flamboyant way of going about things. Both must realize that a relationship is only workable if they accept the other’s desires and idiosyncrasies rather than trying to change them to their advantage. An acceptable amount of selflessness will benefit the relationship.
  • Pisces has to put aside the little things that annoy him in Gemini, as his partner is unable to pay attention to details. On the other hand, Gemini must take care to pay attention to the desires and needs of his partner and learn to suppress his insecurity .
  • If they both really want to make something of it, they have to put their ego aside and make their desires clear to each other from the beginning. In the long run, a sense of compromise and compliance will lead to a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

Some famous couples in the Gemini-Pisces combination: Kim Clijsters (Gemini) and Lleyton Hewitt (Pisces); Sid Vicious (Gemini) and Nancy Spungeon (Pisces) and Donald Trump (Gemini) and Ivana Trump (Pisces).

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