Similarities between Cancer and Pisces

Cancer and Pisces are the perfect couple. Both are wonderfully similar in terms of personality and interests. Only elements beyond their control can throw a spanner in the works.

Four hands on one stomach

A relationship between Cancer and Pisces is based on a coup de foudre and real love. This combination is extremely suitable because both partners are of the sensitive kind and emotionally receptive. They are willing to accept the other person as he is, even if he does not always fully understand him. The sometimes naive and idealistic Pisces is always upset by the mothering Cancer, who guarantees support and security. The Cancer, for his part, acquires belief in himself and self-confidence through the trust that his partner gives him. In this way, this couple will feel completely at home in the relationship as both receive from their partner what they desire: acceptance and emotional support.
Cancer and Pisces are both good in bed because they can enjoy the pleasures of physical love also on a spiritual and emotional level. Their arguments are limited and do not flare up. They usually end with a kiss and sand that turns into sex.
Another thing these partners have in common is their interest in the same things. They have no problem with the other’s favorite leisure activities. They both enjoy viewing the most diverse art forms and spending a lot of time in each other’s company in perfect harmony.
Pisces is a dreamer while Cancer is a go-getter in everything he does. Therefore, whatever work they both undertake and complete will be an overwhelming success.

Could something intervene?

The only time they can get into trouble is when their deep emotional bond is pulled too tight and they drown in a sea of hypersensitivity. Either of them can fall into depression at the slightest short circuit in their relationship and neither the love nor the support of the other can lift him out of the valley. However, these complications will rarely occur and it is clear that Cancer and Pisces are a beautiful couple in which true love prevails.

Tips for an even better relationship

  • Cancer and Pisces don’t have much work to do as there are few points of contention. Both are somewhat introverted and are unable to share everything with each other. As a result, certain parts of their character remain untrodden territory for the other. A problem can arise when either person wants to get too deep into the other’s mind and share every emotion absolutely. This can lead to some resentment and a certain form of alienation.
  • Since their relationship runs so smoothly and in complete harmony, getting used to the situation can actually be the greatest danger to it. Because they are so intimately connected on a spiritual level, they must ensure that their relationship also grows outside of it. They should be allowed to diversify the essence of their relationship as much as possible by, for example, doing more things that they both like to do and spice up their love life.
  • However, it is unlikely that problems will arise in this perfect couple that either of them has caused. Rather, a problem can be caused by something or someone outside or by circumstances beyond their control.

Well-known couples in this combination are Johnny Cash (Pisces) and June Carter (Cancer), Liz Taylor (Pisces) and Michael Todd (Cancer) and Kurt Cobain (Pisces) and Courtney Love (Cancer).

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