Looking into mirrors, liquids and crystal balls

Predicting the future using mirror images is one of the oldest and most widely used forms of fortune telling. This practice consists of acquiring knowledge by looking into a crystal ball. Liquids and mirrors can also be used for this.

The crystal ball

Crystals are gemstones that are many millions of years old and contain a unique molecular structure. They come in all sizes and shapes, but no two crystals are the same. In clairvoyance, crystal in the shape of a sphere is used for clairvoyant observations.
The crystal ball remains a popular tool for seeing into the future to this day, although the method varies from fortune teller to fortune teller. Some need a few days to clear their body and mind before starting it, while others consider it unnecessary. The reflective surface of the sphere must be perfectly clean, because any irregularity in the reflection is a distracting factor. The best cleaning method consists of boiling the bulb for fifteen minutes in a special mixture and then wiping the bulb with a clean chamois leather. Some clairvoyants look in the dark or against a dark background of, for example, black velvet. Others work in full daylight, although the majority prefer dim light with the bulb at a good reading distance. In the past, clairvoyants would use a child to look into the glass for them because children would be able to see very clear images. Their own role was limited to interpreting the images that the children said they saw.
Nowadays, most clairvoyants look into the sphere themselves. What the clairvoyant sees also varies from individual to individual, but the classic image consists of a milky or opaque cloud that gradually fills the sphere. The images then emerge from the mist, often bathed in a supernaturally bright light. They can stand still or move, remain in the sphere at a small size or appear life-size. Sometimes no images appear, but the clairvoyant can deduce from the clouds what the future holds. For example, light clouds indicate favorable events while dark shades do not bode well.


Liquids have probably been used to see into the future for the longest time. This requires a bowl with some type of liquid in it. At least one of the two supplies must be opaque. The liquid and the dish must be clean so that no incorrect images will be seen.


Mirrors to predict the future also come in different shapes and sizes. They are either hung, held or placed on a flat surface. The most important thing with a mirror is that no additional vibrations arrive because only the clairvoyant himself can use the mirror to predict the future. It is therefore important that the clairvoyants do not leave their mirrors lying around so that no outsiders can touch or play with them. Something that many psychics do is wrap a piece of cloth around the mirror and place it in a box or casket that is only used for the mirror.

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