Automatically draw or write

Automatic drawing or writing was first mentioned in 1845 when people tried it out during hypnosis. It spread from the US to the rest of the world, where it is now practiced by many psychics.

Getting in touch with the subconscious

Automatic drawing or writing is the simplest way to get in touch with our subconscious and to allow the information stored in it to penetrate our consciousness. Strictly speaking, you don’t need anything other than a pen and a sheet of paper. It goes like this: the clairvoyant ensures that he is completely alone in a dimly lit room where as few disturbing sounds as possible can be heard. He sits down at the table with a light-writing pencil or pen in his hand and a blank sheet of paper in front of him. He then brings himself into a state of deep relaxation and, as it were, surrenders to the signs or writing impulses that his hand receives. If this is done correctly, the clairvoyant feels a kind of curiosity about what his hand will draw or write and a kind of surprise when seeing or reading what is written on the paper afterwards. What one sees does not resemble the writing of the clairvoyants at all. When automatically drawing or writing, just like when commuting, you can formulate questions in advance to which you would like to receive an answer. The writing method is not as easy as it seems. Not only must one be able to induce a deep state of relaxation in which one’s conscious thinking activity is switched off, but it is also a matter of converting the image information of the subconscious mind into written language. Clairvoyants therefore find it easier to first practice automatic drawing before trying to convert the images into words.

Dreaming while awake

Why is it that people make drawings without knowing it or write tests without being aware of it? Automatic drawing or writing is dictated by the spirit of a deceased person who wants to help the living convey messages. The receiver, the clairvoyant, writes or draws everything on a paper so that he later knows which messages were passed on. Automatic drawing or writing is also called waking dreaming.

Example of automatic writing

A well-known example of automatic writing took place a few years ago in Germany. A woman who was quite involved in automatic writing saw one day that she had written an entire piece of music. Knowing nothing about musical notes, she showed the written piece to a friend who immediately recognized it. It was a well-known piece by Beethoven. This case has been investigated by science and no fraud has been found.

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