Beautiful breasts for every woman

Every woman, who also likes to be a woman, wants beautiful breasts. Some people get them naturally and others have to work hard for them. And then personal taste is also important, because regardless of what you get in the genes, some people like big breasts and others prefer them to be small. So many women, so many flavors and in a number of cases the plastic surgeon comes around the corner to add some “seasoning” if desired. There is a lot to be said about breasts.

Firm breasts

But what all women have is that they like firm breasts. These same women also know that most breasts have difficulty standing the test of time. For a woman who has breastfed, it can happen even faster. In addition to what the plastic surgeon can do for you, there are also exercises that help and you can train the muscles in a pleasant way. Some exercises:

  • Stand up straight, feet together and place hands together at chest height. The palms should be stretched against each other. The forearms across the breasts. Now press the palms firmly together, release and repeat. Build up this exercise and start with about 10 times, increasing to about 50 times.
  • A variation on the muscles for the breasts is the same position as above, but make one fist and press the clenched fist as hard as possible with the other hand placed around the fist. Alternate the clenched fist continuously.
  • Pushing yourself up several times a day is also great for firm breasts.
  • Swimming is ideally suited to keep the breasts firm. Simply swimming a few laps (but very regularly), preferably with breaststroke, is sufficient.
  • Lie down and raise your legs. Take something handy weighing at least 1/5 kilo in both hands and extend your hands above your body. Now let them slowly come down with an outstretched arm and hold them just slightly above the ground.
  • Boxing or at least making the boxing move is also good for the chest muscles. Regular boxing is also good for your fitness.

It goes without saying that the gym also has all kinds of equipment that trains the chest muscles. When exercising, don’t forget to wear a good sports bra with the right support. Very important!


The cosmetics market would not be the cosmetics market if all kinds of creams were not marketed to firm up the breasts. These creams do something, but they are not miracle cures. Preferably use a cream that is specifically for the breasts, because they contain vegetable collagen. This product will firm the skin of the breasts. Some brands that carry such a product are Collistar, Biotherm and Clarins.


We know the pencil test, if the pencil does not hang under the breast you do not need a bra. This is separate from the fact that a bra is also beautiful and that is why you wear a bra anyway.
But if you don’t pass the pencil test, and with the average D-cup of Dutch women that means most, it is important that you wear a well-supporting bra. The type of bra is also very personal, because one woman does not want to wear anything other than an underwire bra, while another does not want to know anything about it. Don’t buy a bra that is too small, which is often the case. The breasts do not receive the support that the bra is supposed to provide. Both the cup and the size must be correct and go to a good lingerie store for advice.

Push up

If you want an extra beautiful cleavage, the push up bra can be an excellent solution. Such a bra ensures that the breasts are at the right height, it makes them fuller and firmer. Don’t forget to also treat the décolleté and apply a good cream. After all, if attention is drawn to it, you see everything.


If you have small(er) breasts you can use a sticky bra. You stick the pads on the breasts to prevent you from seeing straps on the shoulders or back. However, there is no point in trying this if your breasts are larger.
Afraid that your nipples will be visible when it is chilly somewhere. With the usually thinner party dress fabrics you can see everything. Cover them with a plaster or a special tape for the skin. Very easy.


So if you want to work on keeping the breasts firm, you have to keep up with it. But that’s not a bad thing in itself, because getting your body moving is never bad for you. Yet you never have complete control over what the plastic surgeon wants to do for you, because you simply cannot get out what is in the genes. Be satisfied with what you have and take good care of them.

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