Jomanda, healing medium

Jomanda was the guest of Rik Felderhof in the TV program Villa Felderhof in St. Tropez. She heals the gardener from back pain and Rik’s knee. Who doesn’t know her? Miraculous healings happen. She not only radiates water, but also business cards. Her ‘song of light’ moves everyone. Her intention is pure. The lame can walk again, the blind can see again, extraordinary powers are available and give a demonstration of powers and forces that are beyond our comprehension.

Jomanda or Joke Damman

On May 5, 1948, at one o’clock in the afternoon, Joke Damman, later called Jomanda, was born in Deventer. At a young age she attended a ballet school. When she was 18, she developed a skin disease that was cured by psychic Gerard Croiset. As she gets older she notices that her hands have a healing influence so that people know where to find her. A hypnotist gives her a portrait of her father, who died before her birth, and tells her that it is best to hang it in the treatment room.

Beaming business cards

One day, to her surprise, her business cards begin to radiate power. From that moment on, she radiates the cards herself, the power of which remains in them for three months. She will give lectures in the United States and in Sweden, where she successfully treats a show jumping horse.

Blasting water

On inspiration she will radiate water. The power belongs to the one who uses it from the bottle. For example, there is protection against abuse. You might wonder if this isn’t going a bit too far. A Japanese man has done a nice experiment. He had a glass of water in front of him and thought about it fondly. Then he froze the water and examined the crystals under the microscope. He saw a nice symmetrical pattern. He repeated the experiment with water, which he treated ‘unfairly’. The result was that this crystal looked horrible. You can try out the influence of water yourself as follows: If you feel happy, take a bottle of water and think about it positively. For example, the thoughts are: I give my happiness to you, my friend water, I want you to give optimism, to give you positive thoughts and strength, etc. Then you put the bottle away until you are in a depressive mood, then you sprinkle it water over your forehead or on your wrists. See what happens. Remember, you get what you put into it. The water works like a recorder, it doesn’t lie. If you put ‘healing’ into it, you will get healing back. Now you also understand why ‘irradiated’ water from pure, clean people has a greater positive influence than irradiated water from others. And if you are a ‘good’ medium, a pure channel for ‘positive higher intelligences’, then the influence is of fantastic quality.

Song of light

In 1986, in New York, Jomanda has a dream in which the lyrics of an earlier song appear. She makes the people sing this song and everyone is moved. The lyrics of the ‘song of light’ are:
We are all together now,
to get the power of the light,
and to feel the energy,
to go inside.
Let us all hold hands,
and we’ll get into the mood,
open up your mind,
it’s real and good.

Aura Photos in Chicago

Also in 1986, in Chicago, aura photos were taken of people’s fingers before and after treatment. The difference is enormous. After healing, the aura is a beautiful field of bright colors.

Tineke de Nooij interviews

After her interview with Tineke de Nooij on TV, 10,000 people want to enter the Leiden Groenoordhallen. Soon afterwards, healing service meetings will be held in the Event Hall in Tiel.

Coby Broos is also a medium himself

Jomanda receives many letters. The letter from Coby Broos is illuminating. Coby is also a medium herself and she sees what is really going on. The moment the song ‘song of light’ starts, a lot of white, shining figures appear on stage. The figures greet Coby and she recognizes many of them. She sees how the figures treat the people on the tables. Many hands are placed on heads, feet are pressed, etc. Coby sees helpers walking to people in the audience and then she knows who is being brought to the stage. She says this to her sister-in-law, who exclaims in amazement: “So it’s really true!” Coby expresses her admiration for Jomanda who dares to stick her head above the parapet.

Karin de Haan sees a blue floor

Karin writes that she got a look ‘behind the scenes’ in Tiel. The entire floor turned blue and shone around Jomanda. When Jomanda shines, the most beautiful blue comes from her hands. Karin sees six doctors who walk right through Jomanda. The doctors talk to Karin. There are also plenty of nurses.

Erik receives names of doctors

Erik has known Jomanda since 1976. He has a dream in which he is given a list of doctors. He writes down the names even though he can’t remember anything when he wakes up. Erik checks the names in the books and finds the following information: Dr. Palfijn, surgeon (1650-1730); Dr. Christiaan Eykman, bacteriologist; Dr. Paul Ehrlich, pathologist; Dr. Karl Landsteiner (1868-1943). Erik recognizes the photos and drawings of the doctors, after all he ‘seen’ them in Tiel. In Tiel he also ‘sees’ the equipment that the doctors use. He sees equipment that drains black blood from AIDS patients. Sometimes he sees Florence Nightingale at work.

Corrie Konings is a friend

Corrie has a friendly contact with Jomanda. ‘I’m glad I got to know Jomanda. As a medium she is unsurpassed. As a person, she is a very sweet and spontaneous woman, who is always there for everyone.’

Wieteke van Dort about the criticism

Wieteke also decides to take a look at Tiel. She is called forward and successfully treated on her neck. She writes: ‘I don’t understand what inspires people to attack and criticize Jomanda. Criticism, even annoying and destructive criticism, forces Jomanda to continue to have confidence, to persevere and to express herself better and better. Criticism, no matter how hurtful, forces you to think and put things into perspective. Teaches you how you could rise above it. In short, criticism helps you grow.’

Jomanda’s intention

‘I want to love without clinging,
going along, without seizing,
inviting, without demanding,
leaving alone, without feeling guilty,
criticizing, without resenting,
helping, without offending.’

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