Younger and firmer skin through light therapy

Growing older is a tough pill to swallow: we would like to postpone the appearance of crow’s feet, wrinkles and sagging skin for as long as possible. Many want to maintain a youthful appearance for as long as possible. However, sagging eyelids, a sagging jawline, bags under the eyes, wrinkles above the mouth and a deep nose/mouth fold reveal aging. And if it starts to happen, who wouldn’t want younger and firmer skin, or at least slow down the skin aging process? One option for getting younger skin is light therapy.

Younger skin and delay of the aging process

Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely combat skin aging. However, skin aging can be slowed down, and it is possible to rejuvenate aging skin. The effects of the damage that the skin has suffered over the years can be reduced by light therapy. There are two types of skin aging: intrinsic and extrinsic skin aging. Skin is damaged and ages by, among other things, UV radiation and smoking, but also by toxic substances in the diet. Genes also play a role.

Injectables and fillers

Injectables such as Botox and fillers can plump up the skin where facial fullness is disappearing. The ingredients used to work with injectables and fillers are often relatively new, which means that not everyone is happy to use these methods. After all, not much is known yet about its long-term effects on the skin. Having become accustomed to Daisy Duck lips and unnatural-looking faces, not everyone will be attracted to fillers and injectables. Although fillers and injectables can certainly provide beautiful natural results.

Skin rejuvenation through light therapy: looks absolutely natural

When you get younger skin through light therapy, no foreign substances enter the skin. There is also no intervention in the skin such as with a mini lift, face lift and other procedures such as eyelid corrections and the like. It is therefore less drastic and suitable for those who accept that something may be visible about the fact that they are no longer one of the young people. Because you cannot get rid of really sagging skin and advanced wrinkles. However, it is possible to visibly rejuvenate and tighten the skin.
For light therapy, go to a cosmetic doctor, a clinic or a beauty salon. There are different types of light therapy.

Different types of light therapy

Flash lamp stimulates collagen production

This therapy is suitable for reducing unsightly pigment spots, superficial wrinkles, large pores, rosacea and couperose. 2 IPL-Intense Pulsed Lights are used (including from Ellipse, Lumenis, Vasculight). The intense pulse light ensures collagen production. If the skin has suffered a lot from sunlight and has damage such as pigment spots, this is the best choice. Blood circulation is improved, the skin looks significantly fresher and the skin texture also improves. Rough, parchment-like skin becomes softer. The treatment is not really painful, because cooling is used. The advantage is that you do not look strange after the treatment. At most, some red spots or minimal swelling may be visible here and there. Occasionally, small blisters or a few scabs occur after therapy. So in principle work can be resumed immediately. The IPL treatment is safe. To prevent infections, scars and pigment disorders, treatment by a professional is really necessary, not everyone is skilled enough to treat with IPL. The strength and wavelengths must be determined expertly and are adjusted differently per skin type. IPL is not always suitable for dark skin.
The costs
Anyone who wants to have their skin rejuvenated with IPL light therapy pays approximately 150 to 250 euros per treatment. An average of 3 to 5 treatments are required. Maintenance treatment is only necessary once a few years.

4 Fractional CO2 laser: better results than with the regular CO2 laser

For dark circles and sagging skin under the eyes, large pores, improvement of the overall skin structure, incipient and superficial wrinkles, scars due to acne and tightening and renewal of the facial skin and neck, the 4 Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing (including Mixto) SX and Active FX) very suitable. This CO2 laser divides a light beam into smaller light beams that are evaporated by the laser. A pattern of holes is created, as it were, in the top layer of skin. Very tiny holes are also made in the underlying skin layers. Result: collagen is produced, the skin tightens and a new, younger, smoother and firmer skin surface appears. The 4 Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing has much fewer side effects than the normal CO2 laser. The latter damages the entire surface of the skin, but the normal CO2 laser also provides less improvement in skin texture and less tightening. The treatment is not painless. The skin is then numbed with a special cream. It is visible that the skin has undergone treatment for at least five days after the treatment. The face is red and swollen and flaking is also visible. The chance is very small, but there could be a change in color of the skin after treatment. Therapy by a professional is necessary to prevent scars, spots, burns and eye damage. 4 Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing is not suitable for people with fragile skin, use of certain medications, people with permanent fillers and people with compromised immune systems.
The costs
An advantage of this form of light therapy is that only one treatment is required. Repeat treatment is done once or twice a year. The costs for a treatment are 800 to 1750 euros.

3 Fractional laser, boosts collagen production

For smoothing superficial wrinkles on the face (particularly around the mouth and eyes), neck, scars due to acne, tightening (up to 20%) of the face and neck, improving the structure of the skin and décolleté and removing pigment spots. the 3 Fractional laser (including Matisse, Fraxel and Cap Affirm) is suitable. The laser uses wavelengths to create very small clotting columns in the deeper layers of the skin. This creates a recovery process. The skin recovers because collagen production is greatly stimulated. Renewal of the skin surface takes place. The 3 3 Fractional laser gives very nice results for superficial wrinkles and differences in structure. There is no pain during the treatment, you only feel some pinpricks. An advantage is that after treatment it is hardly visible that one has undergone treatment, although the skin may still be slightly swollen and red for a few days. The treatment is not suitable for people with cold sores. Skilled use of the laser is required to avoid pigment disturbances, scars, blisters and burns.
The costs
3 to 5 treatments are required. Maximum one treatment per month. Maintenance treatment takes place once a year. People pay 500 to 1200 euros per treatment.

Omnilux LED light therapy to prevent skin aging

LED light therapy is very suitable to prevent skin aging (including Omnilux Plus, Omnilux Revive). Fine wrinkles, large pores, pigment spots, scars and rosacea are reduced by this form of light therapy, which shines red light on the skin for approximately 20 minutes. The cells that lie deeper in the skin absorb the light and this produces collagen and elastin. According to scientific studies, visible results actually occur in 85% of women treated. The skin becomes smoother, firmer, softer and more even. Reduces skin damage and abnormalities, and LED light therapy also rejuvenates the hands. Omnilux is the best according to research. The treatment is completely painless and even pleasant. After treatment, work can be resumed and treatment is completely safe. However, the treatment is not suitable for people who use certain medications (antibiotics) and are sensitive to light.
The costs
Ten treatments will take place within five weeks. Maintenance treatment takes place every 4 to 12 weeks. A treatment costs 40 to 60 euros.

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