People can usually solve loneliness themselves

Loneliness is a common social problem. Especially now that so many relationships fail, it concerns not only old people, but also young people. Many people feel lonely without those around them knowing about it. It is also difficult to admit to others that one is lonely. That is not necessary at all, but it is necessary to take steps against it yourself, so that you do not sink deeper and deeper and eventually become depressed. If you are still young, go out consciously. Meet people and talk to strangers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s at the supermarket checkout or in a cafĂ© or restaurant. Be kind and observant. If you are older and no longer in good shape, simply invite family and friends, use the computer and social media.

Loneliness does not mean that one is alone

Even busy people who work and live with others every day can feel completely lonely. Lonely at work, caring for their family, finances, maintaining their home, and so on. Yet they can also do something to alleviate that loneliness. Take an interest in your colleagues, your neighbors, relatives and friends. Ask about their way of life, their problems, their work and you will find that you are not alone, but that half the world has problems.

Talking to others often helps sort out your own concerns

This will not immediately benefit you, but you can often find a solution here or there in consultation with those people. It is not without reason that the proverb says: He who talks can be helped. Those who are closed and keep everything to themselves are left with their worries, and usually do not get better. Just talking about it with someone you like can be a relief. Many people are willing to provide good advice to their relatives or friends. What one person does not know, the other can often solve.

They can also often remedy the loneliness of the elderly themselves

Older people can be very lonely. Especially if they are no longer able to walk and there is no partner at home who lives with them. Older people would do well to ensure that they regularly interact with people or that people come to visit them. So don’t skip a birthday party, but have some cake and snacks delivered and ask someone to provide the coffee. Every year is a gift and should be celebrated.

Keep track of other people’s birthdays

Also keep track of the birthdays of family members and friends. Send a card with something nice on it and if you can go, go and visit. You will see people you know again and who knows, they may even come to visit you. Also talk to caregivers and see if there are opportunities to call other elderly people or do things together. Nursing homes often initiate actions in this direction. Inquire about this and try to participate as much as possible.

The loneliness of children who are bullied at school

The loneliness of bullied schoolchildren can be enormous. Bullies often also threaten that they will be tackled if they tell their parents at home and that punitive measures will be taken at school. The loneliness of these children, especially teenagers, can even be fatal.

Adolescents in particular often feel lonely

Adolescents are already emotionally unstable due to hormone changes and if the bullying from classmates really takes extreme forms, they no longer want to live their lives. This is often incomprehensible to their parents, because they know that after school a completely different, often happier period can come. However, for the teenager, life today applies. He/she is not yet looking to the future. Parents should ensure that their children talk to them during relaxed moments about their problems, their studies and social contacts. This way they can keep their finger on the pulse.

Lonely parents with money worries

Parents who, due to a divorce or the death of a partner, suddenly have to care for their family alone and have few financial resources, can often be very lonely and cannot tell anyone about their loneliness. Especially if that parent is very sad, has no family members and has also had to move to a smaller home in a different neighborhood, loneliness can strike with full force.

Keep your worries to yourself

Lonely parents are often parents who want to do extra well and arrange everything themselves. They have the children’s future in mind and want them to have everything they need. They also often want to provide their own income. After all, one does not always want to burden the children with the problems. People also don’t want to talk about it at work, because they don’t want to jeopardize their job. However, there are also options to contact us.

If you can’t sleep, seek help

Talk to your GP and/or social work about it in the first instance. Seek out people. For example, take the children for a walk in the park on your days off, feed the ducks, go to a playground or simply have a picnic at the waterfront or on the beach, if that is close to you. Connect with other parents. Get involved in school activities and parent associations and try to become familiar with the neighborhood and the surrounding area. After all, contact does not always have to cost money.

In case of complete loneliness there is always the volunteer telephone

For those who are very lonely and have no one, but have many insurmountable problems, there is the helpline, where volunteers usually have an open ear for your problems and can listen to them with patience. There is a children’s telephone for children who are not doing well at home or who are being bullied at school and where a child can explain his or her feeling of loneliness.

A helpline number for lonely elderly people

There is also an assistance telephone for lonely elderly people: 0900-0767, but that costs 5 cents per minute. Contact us, anonymously or not, and let us help and advise you. The feeling of loneliness can also often be solved via the internet. You can find all telephone numbers and addresses for help on the Internet. The volunteers have always had a course and know where you can be helped.

Be friendly, helpful and interested towards others

People who complain constantly don’t get many visitors. They are usually avoided because it is simply impossible to have a good conversation with complaining people. Just look around you. People who are cheerful, friendly and interested in others and always have a listening ear, are welcome guests and also receive more visitors than people who are usually only concerned with themselves and immediately tell others about all their aches and pains. You can talk about this with others, but not too often. After all, everyone has their own problems and does not come to visit just to hear those from the host or hostess.

If you can, visit yourself and call people

Take the initiative yourself and visit people you haven’t seen in a long time. Perhaps there is a reason for their long delay. Maybe they’ve just been too busy. Don’t measure exactly whose turn it is to visit. If you need it, call and make an appointment. After all, the other person cannot know that you feel lonely and need him or her.

Being able to take the initiative

Loneliness doesn’t solve anyone but yourself. Take initiative. Your life can only get better. Go outside, reach out outside your own circle and take matters into your own hands.

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