Pain in the lower back (lumbar) due to kidney problems

The kidneys are the purifier of the body by separating waste products and unnecessary minerals from the blood. In addition, it aims to recycle fluids under the influence of the ADH hormone, so that the body does not dehydrate. However, kidney problems can make the back extra sensitive to pain. It can simply go wrong. What are kidney-causing lumbago or lower back pain and what can be done about it?

Spit, lower back pain due to kidney problems

  • Symptoms of lumbago
  • Temporarily holding urine for too long
  • Influence of salty food
  • Relationship with itchy thighs
  • Insufficient acid removal capacity
  • What can you do for lower back pain?


Symptoms of lumbago

A stabbing pain in the lower back can be caused by the kidneys. The kidneys are partly encapsulated in those muscles and so it can cause complaints. Contracting or hard muscles in the lower back can cause temporary, but also long-term discomfort. These are complaints comparable to lumbago, because it can just pop in. It is often accompanied by a certain effort or movement, causing persistent cramping or pain. How can back pain be caused by the kidneys?

Temporarily holding urine for too long

Urine produced by the kidneys is normally stored in the bladder. It is a storage space where, depending on the size, a certain amount of urine can be stored. The pressure will therefore increase over time until the moment you feel the urge to urinate. Humans have the option to hold the urine by delaying urination. Nevertheless, the kidneys will continue to produce urine, which will increase pressure on the bladder. If there is no urination, which creates space again, the connection between the kidneys and bladder will also become saturated. This means that there is no longer any drainage from the kidneys, resulting in renal congestion. A painful feeling may arise just around the kidneys in the lower back. Normally this feeling will go away once the bladder has been emptied. Please note that it is unhealthy to structurally hold in urine, because it can negatively affect the functioning of the kidneys.

Influence of salty food

Many of us are used to adding sodium salt to the diet for seasoning. It means that the taste has been adapted to it, so we need relatively saltier food to enjoy a tasty meal. Salt is also added in relatively high concentrations to pre-prepared meals to improve the taste and promote shelf life. This ensures that we consume a relatively large amount of salt, which must be processed by the kidneys. A lot of salt compared to little fluid means that the kidneys have to process too much, causing the kidneys to cramp.

Relationship with itchy thighs

If you are lying in bed to rest, you may be constantly kept awake by an annoying tickle above the knee. It feels like a spider is crawling under your skin, distracting you. This condition is directly related to cramped kidneys due to overly salty food. The muscles pull on the lower three vertebrae, causing nerves to become pinched. It causes incorrect electrical signals to be sent, causing the itching sensation.

Insufficient acid removal capacity

Problems at work or in private life put the body under a lot of stress, which reduces body satisfaction. Tensions in the body increase, causing the amount of acids in the body to build up. If the person has a limited amount of sodium bicarbonate in the body (after the age of forty the buffers decrease significantly), general acidification of the body occurs. Painful cramps can occur anywhere in the body, including specifically in the back muscles. Please note that cramping due to a high acidity can persist for a long time, and it preferably occurs in one specific place.

What can you do for lower back pain?

Several problems in the body can cause lower back pain. If it was caused by the previous reasons, what can you do about it? The solution depends on the cause:

  • Eating a lot of salt causes muscle cramps. It is often mistaken for a hernia, even though no surgery is required. If you have an improperly seated intervertebral disc between the first and third vertebrae, it is almost never a hernia. Avoiding salt in your diet, avoiding pre-packaged and canned food, and consuming more water or liquid can completely resolve the condition. A complementary massage can also provide a lot of relief. Make sure you avoid salty food so that you avoid muscle pain;
  • acid build-up because the kidneys have insufficient drainage capacity. After a sodium bicarbonate test, you can receive baking soda tablets on prescription to deacidify the body (read the package leaflet carefully). Drinking nettle tea also ensures that acids are better removed naturally;
  • If you have the urge to urinate, you should not hold it in for too long.

If it hits the lower back, it usually hurts severely, so you have to apply it carefully. Painkillers and a hot water bottle seem to provide relief. However, you still need to find a structural solution by following previous advice. With a small change in your lifestyle you can prevent lumbago in the lower back. If the condition is caused by eating too much salt, you should not take baking soda!

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