Avoid weight gain with rheumatoid medication

Rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis, also known as joint pain, has a major impact on the patient’s life. Walking and moving are painful and the medication taken causes the weight to increase. This causes the complaints to increase further, causing additional deterioration in mobility. It can cause motivational problems, causing the person to become further depressed. To prevent this, it is necessary that the influence of pain is reduced on the one hand and that less fluid is retained on the other. What can you do yourself – in addition to taking the medication – to reduce the nuisance of pain and weight?

Avoid weight gain and rheumatoid medications

  • What causes joint pain?
  • Use of medication
  • Weight gain is unfavorable for arthritis
  • Combination approach
  • Stimulate moisture drainage
  • Promote muscle growth
  • Metabolism and weight loss
  • Experimental: painless after a month of leeches


What causes joint pain?

As one ages, the amount of sodium bicarbonate in the body decreases, causing the acid content to increase. It means that more lactic acid builds up in muscle tissue and uric acid in joints. Uric acid is the cause of inflammation of the synovium or the mucous membrane between the moving parts of the bone. This inflammation causes the pressure on the surrounding tissue, tendons, bones and muscles to increase, which can cause severe pain. The pressure can increase to such an extent that the joint appears to increase in size due to a protruding inflamed mucous membrane.

Use of medication

To combat the condition, Enbrel is regularly prescribed in combination with MTX. Its purpose is to counteract the effect of inflammation in the joint, so that the pressure can decrease. This reduces tension and the pain can gradually decrease. Medication such as Enbrel is injected, which in many cases causes itching or red swelling. Methotrexate has an anti-inflammatory effect and suppresses the immune system. The drug is also used for certain forms of cancer, to support resistance during intensive treatment. The disadvantage of using it is that the person retains more fluid, which increases weight.

Weight gain is unfavorable for arthritis

Taking medications causes weight to increase. Fluid is retained in the body, causing you to gain weight. An increase in weight also means that the substance aromatase increases in the body. This also results in more estrogen being produced. It causes additional weight gain. All the weight that has to be carried has an additional adverse effect on the joints due to increased pressure. It is therefore necessary to lose weight while using the prescribed arthritis medications. What else can one do?

Combination approach

For those with rheumatic problems, it is necessary to make structural lifestyle changes. Weight should be watched, metabolism addressed and fluid containing toxins removed. Good fitness through strong muscles and less weight ensures that the pressure is less. Removal of acids ensures that the uric acid level in the joints is limited, so that the influence of inflammation decreases. In combination with the aforementioned medications, a good balance can be achieved, making movement less painful. In consultation with the treating physician, the following tips can be used to reduce the amount of medication used.

Stimulate moisture drainage

The medication ensures that fluid is retained. This is weight and puts extra pressure on the moving parts. Nettle tea has the property of removing moisture, which also removes acids and toxins. The proportion of lactic and uric acid in the body is removed naturally. The source of all misery is therefore removed from the body, which also limits its influence. A tea cure may be taken for a month, after which a month of rest should be taken. Then alternate it with, for example, rooibos tea, which can relax the body.

Promote muscle growth

People with joint pain prefer to refrain from exercise. Being motionless has a negative effect due to weight gain, the joints with muscles function less smoothly and the body protests even more during exertion. In other words, exercise is necessary for the body to function properly. Muscles ensure that the limbs are strong, and more muscle mass requires more energy from the body. This creates a favorable balance for weight loss. Muscle production can also be stimulated by taking zinc tablets. This limits the influence of aromatase, so that more testosterone is produced.

Metabolism and weight loss

Metabolism is controlled by amino acid production and adrenaline. Walking or some degree of training increases adrenaline levels. Losing weight is always at odds with eating. Eating more often is beneficial to stimulate weight loss. Eating less causes the stomach to shut down and therefore the amino acid content drops significantly. So it is a good idea to eat more often, but healthy meals in limited quantities. This allows you to find a favorable balance for losing weight, while continuing to eat over the course of a day.

Experimental: painless after a month of leeches

In a trial experiment in Germany, Hirudo leeches were used, which significantly reduced the VAS pain score within 28 days. The suction cups with tiny hooks release substances such as hirudin (anti-blood clotting) and collagenase (antibacterial, anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory). The combination ensures that the swelling can largely disappear, minimizing the effect of pain.
Benefit from following the previous tips so that your weight does not increase when you use rheumatoid arthritis medication. Change your lifestyle so that you suffer less from painful joints.

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