Similarities between Capricorn and Pisces

A relationship between Capricorn and Pisces is not obvious because they contrast sharply with each other, but they can form a perfect couple because they complement each other well.

Many differences

Capricorn and Pisces differ from each other in many ways and confirm the theory of opposites attract . Their relationship is successful in the sense of being complementary because they compensate for each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
A Capricorn is practical, organized and disciplined. Pisces is a dreamer and subject to moods. Since Capricorn is not extroverted by nature, it is Pisces who communicates more in their relationship and keeps the relationship alive, which does not mean that Capricorn is boring. A Capricorn is loving but fails to express his love physically.
Pisces will do anything to help someone and doesn’t mind if it gets him into trouble, while Capricorn is more materialistic and will think ten times before taking action. This causes friction because Pisces thinks his partner is too selfish.
On the other hand, Capricorn fears that rash decisions by Pisces will turn his life upside down and make it more difficult.
Pisces is creative and artistic. That is why a Pisces-Capricorn couple’s home is decorative: a significant part of their monthly budget is spent on art and aesthetics. Capricorn sees this as waste, but Pisces sees it as a form of warmth in the home.

Points of light

Pisces shows its love clearly so that its partner feels safe and secure. Capricorn is dutiful and loyal in the relationship so he leaves his Pisces partner a certain amount of space.
However, these differences sometimes cause conflict because the partners do not understand some of the other’s behaviors, but if they adapt to each other over time, the relationship can move in the right direction. The one thing they agree on and never bicker about is that Pisces is comfortable with Capricorn’s dominating nature.

Tips for better understanding

  • A relationship between Capricorn and Pisces is extremely interesting. If they make enough efforts to overcome their differences, this becomes an extremely warm and romantic relationship.
  • Pisces is extremely creative in bringing life into the relationship and will spend some money on gifts for his partner and candlelight dinners to keep the romance going. Capricorn enjoys it but is actually not that enthusiastic about it and does not express his appreciation for the efforts that Pisces makes for him. This hurts Pisces who wants attention and to be cuddled. But Capricorn knows his world and can smooth out the wrinkles.
  • Disagreements can also arise due to Pisces’ spendthrift nature, as Capricorn likes to plan every expense. Capricorn gives Pisces the power to stand up for themselves. This dominating trait appeals to Pisces, but Capricorn must be patient with Pisces’ unpredictable nature.

This combination only has a future if there is a high degree of understanding between both partners and they have the necessary dose of patience. A good mix of practicality, joviality and tranquility, freedom and discipline creates an ideal complimentarity in this relationship.
A well-known Capricorn-Pisces couple is Henry Miller (Capricorn) and Anais Nin (Pisces).

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