Wild meat, fibroma, keloid formation: benign growth

The human body consists of tissues and muscles, which are covered with skin. Often without cause, deformities can develop, changing the original shape of the skin. It can manifest itself in open bumps, wart-like elongated hangings or deformities following a scar. What is wild meat, what are the different types and how is it treated?

Wild meat, fibroma, keloid formation

  • What does wild meat look like?
  • Wound as a reason
  • Cancer or not?
  • Spot with silver nitrate
  • Beauty objections
  • Condition in tropical regions
  • Typical oriental condition
  • Medical checkup


What does wild meat look like?

Every person knows exactly what their own body looks like. Growths are usually noticeable quickly. Because changes in the skin can be an indication of a tumor, it can be a bit of a shock. However, fibroids are harmless, causing the skin to take an unnatural shape. Common is a drooping protrusion on the eyelid or an open bulge on the side of the leg. It can be irregular in structure, such as an elongated wart or a rounded bump in the skin.

Wound as a reason

Often we don’t know what causes it. The person has bumped themselves, suffered a scratch or been stabbed. The body can react extremely to it by taking on an unnatural shape. Small changes can also come from nowhere, with cell division occurring more rapidly locally. It manifests itself in a mutation of the skin, which can sometimes scare the person. People often immediately think of the worst.

Cancer or not?

Having an abnormal shape of the skin, a color deviation or thickening can mean malignant or cancerous. It is always important to have a medical check-up in case of strange growths. Nevertheless, the aforementioned conditions fall under the heading of benign. Strictly speaking, it is a tumor. Because it is directed outwards, no damage can be caused internally (for example by increasing pressure on organs). In addition, the growth often remains small, meaning that nothing needs to be done.

Spot with silver nitrate

Wounds with limited open game meat can be treated well with silver nitrate. When the surface is damp, the substance is absorbed into the wound, after which some nitric acid and silver are formed. It has an evaporating effect on the open wall, causing the size to decrease over time. Applying the white stick will often not hurt. As soon as the skin has reached the original skin line again, a dry new skin layer is created (initially blacker in color due to the influence of silver oxide). Gradually the condition will shrink and disappear. Please note that the new skin layer differs in color from the rest of the skin and is relatively thin. It always remains visible as a repaired wound.

Beauty objections

Striking changes that are visible to others are experienced as hindering beauty. The person finds it disturbing, especially on the face. A plastic change can be useful to remove the condition so that the natural shape is restored. Always ensure that any open growths are addressed to avoid continued growth.

Condition in tropical regions

A condition common in growing people of color is acne keloidalis nuchae. The hair follicles on the back of the head are inflamed, causing keloid to appear locally or widely across the back of the head. Growth hormones during puberty can increase the condition, but growth stops once the person reaches adulthood. However, this condition is very rare in white people.

Typical oriental condition

The phenomenon occurs regularly, especially in Asian people, following a vaccination in childhood. In response to the intrusion, the body has reacted extremely, causing a large, noticeable scar. On the upper arm there is an extensive growth due to the proliferation of a keloid. During the injection, the child ingests foreign substances, causing a severe skin reaction. It can also be caused by an incorrectly applied injection. The scar will usually be visible for life and will stand out as an elongated deep red or brown spot.

Medical checkup

If in doubt, having a strange bulge, lump, color change or deformity should always be taken seriously. Strange hard conditions on the skin are always reason for a medical examination. It must be ruled out that there is malignancy on or under the skin.

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