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Massaging the body has been around for centuries, with some cultures taking it to a higher level and there was also a time when all that physical contact was nothing. So actually our prudish period… or would that still be with some people? Undoubtedly, because although you can hardly imagine it, there is still quite a bit of skepticism surrounding massage. This, while it has been shown that it is so good for the body and mind.

What is it actually?

Massage is actually nothing more or less than the structured application of pressure and movement on the soft body tissues. It goes further than the skin, because it includes the muscles, connective tissue, tendons and lymph and even the joints.
We often talk about professional massage here, but massage can also be done in the private sphere. But it is usually not prompted by serious complaints, but only because it has a pleasantly relaxing effect on most bodies and sometimes it even provides an erotic stimulus.


The use of massage is applied based on physical complaints, such as the body that is, as it were, stuck due to a certain posture, tension and stress or the athlete who needs to relax the body after a vigorous physical effort. The sports masseur or physiotherapist is often used for this.
But it can also be applied based on mental or emotional complaints, such as psychological stress, having to constantly comply with society’s own imposed rules, but also the consequences of menopause. The alternative circuit is often used for this. Just think of shiatsu or foot reflexology.

Very normal or not?

In some countries massage is very common (think of a number of Eastern countries, for example) and is part of the daily ritual, but this is less so in Western society. There, the physical contact of massage is often seen as intimate. It is therefore not surprising that relaxing massages are often given at the sauna complexes. The sauna goer has already passed over the somewhat prudish feeling of the naked body, otherwise you would not go to the sauna. A massage can only make your day of relaxation even better.
Where it is dictated by the GP and you are sent to the physiotherapist for a complaint, it is more nuanced and the therapist in question can do his or her job to remove the complaint. It is strange that relaxation, especially in our busy society, is not treated as a complaint or actually prevented as normal.

Massage always and differently

In fact, you should always be able to get a nice massage. If it is not a body massage, then a nice foot massage by the foot reflexology therapist. Something that should even be possible during a break from a busy office job and you see that more and more often. Don’t spend half an hour at an unpleasant canteen table, but in the massage chair of a foot reflexology therapist, which can also be placed outside in the summer months. You are also freed from the wrong climate-controlled rooms and you get the much-needed daylight.
More and more companies are allowing someone to work one or more days a week during break times. The companies publicize this and they often have to pay for it themselves, but the employer makes space available (and very occasionally a small contribution is made). A few employers see it as added value and it has become a kind of tertiary employment condition.
But if this does not happen during office hours, you can also take the initiative yourself and give yourself a body massage or foot reflexology massage once a week. Or visit the beach in the summer months, also wonderful to have your feet worked on during a nice relaxing day. Especially if you have strolled along the boulevard or looked at the shops. At various well-known places along the beach you can see men and women working with the massage chair.


Get over the idea that it is intimate, your body is no more or less than an instrument for the professional and it will make you feel more comfortable. Massage as a permanent part of life is a great prospect.

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