Exotic and tropical beauty secrets

Natural remedies have been used as beauty aids by exotic women from tropical countries for centuries. Women from (among others) India, China, Tahiti, Japan, Morocco use simple natural remedies to look younger. Discover their secret here.

Monoi oil

From French Polynesia, the South Pacific, including Tahiti, comes the tropical panacea: Monoï Oil. It was striking that all women from French Polynesia:

  • long, beautifully shiny hair and
  • had perfect skin.

Their secret? Monoi oil from coconut and tropical flowers including the Tiare flower, which only occurs in French Polynesia. The oil gives you a summer holiday feeling: most people love the scent! The oil is nice, wonderful to use and super caring for both hair and body. This oil is a real natural product. Yves Rocher has been selling Monoï oil for hair and body for years, but it is also available at (smaller) online stores and mainly those shops that specialize in products from Tahiti and French Polynesia.


Honey as a natural beauty product hydrates, nourishes and adds shine to our skin and hair. Honey is highly cleansing, improves skin regeneration, is a natural antioxidant and is a very effective moisturizer. The ancient Egyptians knew about the special properties of honey. In New Zealand they conduct scientific research into the special (medical) effects of Manuka Honey. The Body shop sells skin and hair care based on honey.

Jamu from Indonesia

Originally Jamu was the medicine woman at a market, a traditional Indonesian Jamu woman, who sold the knowledge of natural and healing powers of plants, flowers, fruits and herbs to others. But Jamu is also all forms of care for the human body and inner beauty with natural products.

  • face masks,
  • skin oils,
  • stimulants.

Jamu women are passed on from mother to daughter and they pass on secret recipes to each other. Women with skin problems in Indonesia go to a Jamu woman who prepares a prescription. That recipe often tastes bitter and must be drunk a few times a day from a coconut shell. Nowadays you come across many ready-made packages on the market. Jamu recipes to get rid of your pimples, to get a flatter stomach or to lose weight. Nowadays you also come across Jamu recipes in modern Spas. Jamu is available online through the Waroeng shop and also at various stores.

Argan oil

Argan oil is the gold of Morocco. Argan oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the kernels of the rare Moroccan Argan tree. According to UNESCO, the Argan tree is an endangered tree species that only occurs in the south-west of Morocco and in part of Algeria. The tree has to overcome harsh climatic conditions such as drought and desert climate. The Phoenicians were aware of the beneficial and active ingredients of Argan oil centuries ago. Ancient tribes that have lived around the Argan trees for centuries call the tree: “Tree of Beauty.” Argan oil is available at almost every drugstore.


The lychee is a tropical fruit from Madagascar, Mauritius, South Africa, Israel and Asia, the fruit originally comes from South China. The fruit has been used for over 3,000 years as an anti-ageing agent to maintain the elasticity and collagen of the skin. Eating lychees promotes beauty, but it would also make you more beautiful. In Asia it is all the rage to drink Lychee Drinks to stay looking as young as possible. Lychees are only available from abroad. Fruit and vegetable traders sell Lychees in the winter months and around July and August. Vitamins containing the wonder drug Lychee are available through various smaller web shops that sell beneficial herbal vitamins.

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