A pulled muscle in the neck, influence of pillows

Having a painful neck can cause a lot of inconvenience for a few days, because the horizontal viewing movement is significantly limited. The neck consists of a cervical vertebra, through which nerves run and transmit signals from the brain to the rest of the body. In addition, it consists of many muscles, which must keep the weight of the head stable. If problems arise in the neck muscles, this is immediately experienced as a nuisance. What can cause a neck muscle strain and what influence does a pillow have on this?

Neck muscle strain due to pillows

  • Influence of acid and muscle strain
  • Cushion choice matters
  • Body emissions in the pillow
  • Why is it necessary to evaporate the cushion?
  • How often do you air out?


Influence of acid and muscle strain

Under the influence of low sodium bicarbonate levels in the body, acid can build up over time. Similar to lactic acid, cramps can cause long-lasting pain anywhere in the body. Also consider uric acid, which is responsible for joint pain. If the head is in an unnatural position or an unexpected movement is made, it can easily fall in. Acids and incorrect posture are the basic ingredients for painful or strained muscles.

Cushion choice matters

How hard or how soft a pillow is determines how comfortably we get through the night. The optimal line for the body is when the spine and neck are in the same line. In other words, the hardness of the mattress and the pillow must be adjusted so that everything is neatly in a straight, perpendicular position. If this is not the case, neck muscles on one side may be strained more, which may cause a muscle strain to occur more quickly.

Body emissions in the pillow

When the weather is nice, it often happens that we let the bedding blow out outside in the sun and wind. It ensures that the duvet smells nice and fresh again. It is also important to do this often with the main support. Every night the head lies on the pillow, with fumes coming from the body. Breath, sweat and drool enter the pillow without us realizing it and accumulate. Even though it looks like the pillow is dry, it all affects its structure. In addition, it can cause complaints to the head and/or neck.

Why is it necessary to evaporate the cushion?

Moisture build-up in the pillow can firstly cause bacterial growth, which can harm the health of the face, throat and lungs. Secondly, an unnoticed damp/damp pillow affects the condition of the body. It is comparable to a damp house, which causes joints to swell. The muscles can be adversely affected by moisture, which can cause ailments. Having a pulled muscle in the neck when waking up is therefore very common.

How often do you air out?

Strictly speaking, the more often the bed and pillows can get some fresh air, the better. The wind in combination with solar radiation ensures that vapors disappear, which also reduces the impact of bacteria. In addition, the resilience of the pillow is restored, so that the head is better balanced. Some people can air out their bedding every day, but for many this is not possible due to their busy lives. Then make sure that you change the bed at least during the weekend and let the duvet and pillow blow out. This prevents moisture from building up as vapor in the bedding, resulting in a healthier sleeping environment.

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