Psychometry; seeing images of objects

Psychometry is the perception and interpretation of images that one receives when viewing and touching objects such as a photo.

Objects carry their history

By acquiring images of objects such as photos and other personal belongings, the clairvoyant takes over the energy of the object. Each object has different energies attached to it, namely the emotions that the owner has transferred to his object. These emotions are perceived by the clairvoyant and formed into images. It is believed that every object or item carries its history with it in energy form. Receiving images of objects happens almost automatically for the clairvoyant.

How does it actually work?

The clairvoyant looks carefully at the object and picks it up. One must then carefully touch the object and certainly not squeeze it because then the energy will be disturbed. Once the clairvoyant has become familiar with the object, he will, as it were, enter into a conversation with it. The object itself is therefore used as a guide through the unknown. One then attributes the feelings that are evoked in oneself to the object: feelings of friendship, distance, hatred and love. People ask questions of the object and very spontaneously record answers. Finally, the clairvoyant will uninhibitedly tell everything that comes to mind about the history of the object, without wondering whether it is all correct. Usually a second person is also involved in psychometry. This person writes down everything the clairvoyant says so that he or she knows clearly afterwards what he said. Usually everything that is attributed to the object is not about the object itself, but about its owner.

Opening up to absorb energy

It is important that the clairvoyant opens up completely to receive the energy of the object. This will not work with active concentration, one must be completely relaxed. Preferably, psychics take an object that is not very old and has not been worn by many different people. However, if this is the case, too many images will appear and it will be more difficult for the clairvoyant to distinguish between them. What is important is that the object has been in the owner’s possession for at least one year. It is better that the clairvoyant does not know the owner of the object, otherwise there is a risk that the clairvoyant will describe his own feelings about that person instead of letting the object tell its own story. Inexplicably, gold and silver objects appear to produce the best results in psychometry.

Everyone applies psychometry

In fact, everyone uses some form of psychometry at some point. For example, when we go to a friend’s house for the first time, we see how they live and absorb the atmosphere of the environment.

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