Blood blister mouth, tongue, lip, palate: what could it be?

You are just enjoying a meal and you suddenly feel something growing on the underside of your tongue. Before you know it, you’ve already bitten it and your mouth is full of blood. Having a blood blister in the mouth is especially inconvenient when eating and can sometimes cause a lot of pain after biting or piercing. For example, it can be caused by tartar or in response to certain substances in the diet. What causes a blood blister in the mouth and what can you do about it?

Blood blister mouth, tongue, lip, palate

  • Maintenance of the teeth
  • Easily irritated when eating
  • Herpes zoster virus
  • Mucocele
  • Relief for blood blister mouth
  • Implement long-term measures


Maintenance of the teeth

Good oral health is determined by how often you brush and how often you visit the dentist. Deposits can build up on the teeth, causing sharp points. Tartar can cause certain areas in the mouth to be continuously damaged, causing wounds or blisters. Dentures can also be a reason for this. Good teeth maintenance is always a must. Visit the dentist regularly (at least once every six months) and make sure you brush often.

Easily irritated when eating

Spicy food, salty food, extremely sugary food and food with crusts or hard edges. Certainly the combination of salty food and crusts can regularly cause you to get a rising feeling in your mouth again. If you are extra sensitive to a high concentration of certain substances, the mouth can react extremely to it. This certainly applies if you are allergic. If you get it during a meal, you have to pay attention to what kind of meal you eat. What causes your tongue to be extra stimulated? If it concerns salty or hard food, it is better to reduce it temporarily. If you also have lower back pain, it is better to switch to salt-free food. So pay attention to what is probably causing it, so that you can take an appropriate diet. It is time to let the body strengthen, so that over time you can tolerate those substances again.

Herpes zoster virus

This virus is carried by approximately twenty percent of all people and can manifest itself as a result of reduced resistance. The slightest thing can result in the condition. This may be a single rash, but can also spread quickly in the mouth. The entire tongue, palate and back of the lips can be riddled with painful spots and blood loss. The condition regularly occurs in young children (provided they are carriers of the virus) and teenagers, but can also occur as we get older.


If you have swelling in the mouth, most commonly on the inside of the lower lip, it may be a mucocele. This is an accumulation of epithelium with leukocytes (causing inflammation) and can bleed as an open ulcer, hurt and produce pus. This condition occurs repeatedly in the same location, and the size and impact of the condition can vary each time. It can cause a lot of misery, making a visit to the dental hygienist necessary. The condition needs to be treated and may be able to be removed completely. Excision ensures complete removal of the source of the condition.

Relief for blood blister mouth

A blood blister in the mouth can grow quickly and can therefore cause a lot of discomfort. It is often bitten or punctured with a sterile needle. Because it is a wound, it is necessary that everything is sterile and remains clean. Rinsing with salt water is possible, but sometimes causes a lot of pain (and can sometimes be counterproductive). Proven remedies, on the other hand, are hextril, bocasan, pyralvex, cyklokapron ampoules or alcoclair, so that the mouth is rinsed clean. The use of corsodyl is a tried and tested product to disinfect the mouth for a long time and also to close wounds.

Implement long-term measures

Good maintenance is always important. Change toothpaste by using zendium. It provides healthy stimulation of the mouth, which reduces the chance of inflammation. It is wise to eat healthy so that resistance can be strengthened. Having blood blisters is often an indication that something is wrong and so you need to improve your resistance. Consider taking vitamin pills (100% vitamin and mineral coverage), magnesium tablets and self-prepared healthy meals as standard. Supplement this with plenty of fruit and vegetables. By adjusting your lifestyle, the impact of a sore mouth can be significantly reduced.
Please note: if you drink a lot of beer, you should stop. It flushes out minerals and vitamins in the body, making the condition more likely to occur. In addition, it deteriorates the general resistance, which can cause other conditions to develop. If you have strange discolorations and/or growths in the mouth, always have yourself checked out medically to rule out worse.

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