He’s cheating and I don’t accept that

Many women think the same: If you cheat on me, you’ll be fired! Reality often shows that if he cheats, she still stays. Should cheating mean the end of a relationship? One of the main reasons a man cheats is to force a breakup. The man hopes that his wife will show him the door. There are very few cases where the relationship improved after infidelity…

Built life

Many women know for sure that he will come out if he cheats. Especially if they have just started a relationship together and are still happily in love with each other. But after many years together, after many years of marriage, a mortgage and children, things are not that simple. Many women are no longer so firm with their opinions once they have built a life together with the cheater.

Relationship changes

After the discovery of infidelity, the relationship changes. For good. The most important elements within your relationship, trust and You and I against the rest of the world, are gone forever. And that can make a woman furious.

Main reason for cheating

The weeks following the discovery of infidelity are emotional. Those weeks are horrible, full of doubts, arguments, conversations, hysteria and etc. If your husband shows remorse, you are lucky. Many men are okay with it and prefer to have it both ways. Realize that cheating is a reason for a man to force a breakup. He hopes you kick him out. Problem, for him, is then solved!


There are men who show genuine remorse. They are afraid of losing their wives. Who doesn’t occasionally think what it would be like to do it with someone else? The difference is that many women never let it get that far because they don’t want it to. A man who is offered sex will (almost) never refuse. But he can indeed be truly repentant!

You’re crazy if you stay

As firmly as friends can respond among themselves: You are crazy if you stay, that is how much doubt you have. Especially if your husband shows remorse and is sincerely sorry for his action. You have to endure a lot, you suffer from anger attacks and, if you live in a small village, village gossip. But what do you do if you have built a careful life together? Are you so quick to throw in the towel? Or are you going to fight for your relationship? Are you staying or are you going?


Every mother, whether she has been cheated on or not, wants the best for her children. Every mother wishes her children a father. Especially if the father is a good father to the children. Now you can seriously start wondering whether a cheater can be a good father. But, should you drag the children into the sadness and pain of infidelity? Do the children have to pay for your damaged pride and self-esteem?


If your cheater is sincerely sorry, shows remorse and solemnly promises never to cheat again and then you look into the hopeful eyes of your children, what do you do? That’s right, a lot of women stay. They will not always forgive the cheater, but try to accept their husband’s adventure. In short, it is not that easy to kick him out the door after a slip-up after years of togetherness!

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