Being tired and lethargic: what can you do about it?

Do you have a chronic lack of energy? Are you always tired and lethargic? It is important not to dwell on this, but to do something about it. Try these tips and before you know it you will be bursting with energy again.

Make sure you get enough relaxation

Do you work a lot? Do you have children that keep you busy? Then try to schedule moments of rest during the week. Plan the moments and really stick to them. Try not to take on too much. The work you record today will still be there tomorrow. And if not, there is new work waiting for you. Think about what really makes you relax. This could be a nice walk, sitting in the sun for an hour, reading a magazine, watching a movie or relaxing in the bath. Take the time to do this once or twice a week. Don’t run ahead of yourself, but give yourself a little attention.

Learn to say ‘no’

Many people have difficulty saying ‘no’ to others. As a result, they do extra work that actually doesn’t have to be on their plate at all. If this leaves you overworked, you better learn to say no. How do you do that? In steps. Don’t you dare say no directly to someone’s face? Then say that you are thinking about it and later send a WhatsApp, text message or email in which you kindly explain that it is not possible.


Exercising takes a lot of energy in the beginning. People often dread exercising, and it’s true, it takes energy, but only physically. Mentally you can completely relax and put your thoughts at 0. Moreover, exercising may cost you energy in the beginning, but if you exercise for a little longer it will give you much more energy. Doctors often recommend that depressed people exercise. It makes you happier, and after about two weeks in which it only costs energy, it also gives you energy. Exercise releases a chemical in your brain that makes you happy. It can also be addictive, so after about two weeks of sticking to it you will start to feel like exercising!

Eat healthy

If you have little time and little energy, you often don’t feel like cooking extensively. An easy meal is then quickly made. But you have to remember: it’s a vicious circle that will never be broken if you never change your pattern. That’s why it’s so important to exercise and eat healthier. It will really make you feel better! By eating a healthier and varied diet you will have more energy and feel more like exercising.

Get enough sleep

Make sure you get enough sleep every night. For most people this is between 6-8 hours per night. Not everyone sleeps easily or quickly. It can help to reduce your activity rhythm during the day and reduce the light intensity around you. It is also best to maintain fairly fixed times for going to sleep, otherwise your biological clock will be confused.

Drink enough

A lack of fluid can make you feel tired and lethargic. The morning is the ideal time to replenish your fluid balance. At this time of day your moisture content is the lowest. But what do many people drink in the morning? Correct. Coffee. And coffee only dehydrates you. So if you are a real coffee drinker, make sure you get enough water in addition to the coffee. When your fluid balance is on the low side, you will continue to feel tired. So drink plenty of water if you consume a lot of caffeine, so that you can replenish your balance a bit.

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