Feel good about yourself for the summer

As soon as summer comes, we would like to get our bodies in shape. The excess winter pounds must go, that pale skin must become healthier and tanner and a little more energy is desirable. Taking good care of yourself is an important first step. Exercising more, eating healthier, drinking more water, a good night’s sleep and good skin care are all important to feel good during the summer!

Sports and exercise

To get rid of the extra kilos from last winter, we have to start exercising. Some people benefit from a short intensive training, others perform better with strength training, others swear by 45 brisk walks every day. Do what you feel comfortable with and don’t let anything push you. Would you rather dance or jog a few laps in the park? As long as you exercise regularly.


By starting to exercise, you stimulate the production of muscles. Muscles are particularly beneficial for getting rid of those extra kilos from last winter: each kilo of muscle burns a hundred kilocalories per day. With more muscles you will burn more fat, even at rest. Exercising does not mean that you will gain greater muscle mass, but better muscle tone.

Weight training

How do you develop more muscles? By doing strength training every other day. With extra resistance, such as extra weights, you develop more muscles, you get better posture, you get more energy and you gain strength. Strength training strengthens the body.

Hydrate your body

It is important to always hydrate your body well, especially when the warm summer is approaching! The fluid level must be in balance and by drinking mineral water you cleanse the body. It is best to avoid getting thirsty. As soon as you feel thirsty, it is already a sign that your body is dehydrating: that costs your body energy! Start the day with two glasses of mineral water, drink a glass of mineral water before every meal and make sure you always have water at hand. During and after physical activities, the body has a greater need for water. When it gets warmer and the temperature rises, the body needs more water. Drink one and a half to two liters of mineral water per day.

Healthy food

Healthy food gives us energy: healthy food is our fuel. We perform better, we look better and our body functions better by eating healthy food. Healthy food consists of food that is close to nature, processed as little as possible and does not come from a can, package or bag. Healthy food contains many vegetables and dark green vegetables, fruit, citrus fruits, salads, nuts, oily fish, seeds, legumes, grains, olive oil and is mainly vegetable.

Night’s sleep

Getting enough sleep every night is a miracle cure that few people use. Screen addiction or going out are usually the culprits that cause people to get too little sleep. Being tired costs energy and the fatigue shows!

Skin care

After winter, the skin longs for good skin care. Scrub the skin, moisturize the skin with an oil, use a hair mask, remove excess hair and calluses, paint the nails in a cheerful color and use tanning products or go to the sunbed if you feel the need. Go to the hairdresser and cut your hair. An extra visit to the beautician never hurts just before summer! Use a good sunscreen every day to protect your skin against harmful sun rays!

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