Unnecessary worm infections

It is a common problem in the Netherlands, worm infections. Actually quite strange, because it is quite simple to help. Shame usually prevents people from buying medicines, causing them to suffer from this problem for a long time, which can be extremely annoying. If you recognize this problem in time and buy medicine quickly, you will have fewer problems for yourself and there will also be less risk of infection for others.


There can be several reasons why you contract a worm infection. In most cases you will be infected by someone else, because worm infections are very contagious. Children in particular suffer from this, so employees in childcare, for example, are more likely to suffer from this. Meat can also be a source of worm infections, which can cause you to become infected. Precisely because it is so contagious, it is important for yourself, but also for the people around you, that you do something about it.


There are several things that can bother you with worm infections, but the most common is itching around the anus. This is usually also the reason why people discover that they suffer from a worm infection. Because the worms are more active at night, itching often occurs at that time. This is annoying, it even keeps people awake. The skin can become irritated, causing even more itching. It is important not to scratch, as this often makes the irritation even worse. Rubbing the irritated skin with a special cream can help against itching and pain, but this will not solve the worm infection, so it is important to provide a solution there too, otherwise you will only solve the itching, not what you really want. you suffer from.


Worm infections are quite easy to recognize. People usually get a lot of itching around the anus, which often indicates a worm infection. You may also see the worms in the stool. The worms are often white in color. The size of the worms depends on the type of worm infection, but in the most common worm infection the worms are usually about 1 cm in size.


The solution is actually quite simple, buy a box of anti-worm medicine. This is quite cheap and available at the drugstore, for example at Kruidvat. There are people who do not dare to do this because they are ashamed of a worm infection, but there are many people in the Netherlands who suffer from this, so there is actually no need to be ashamed. Usually taking these pills helps very well, the worm infection is quickly resolved. If this does not help, you can go to the doctor. The GP can often give stronger medicines, which will make the worm infection disappear. It is important to do something about this problem, because the environment also suffers from it, especially if you live as a family. Your partner will probably become infected quickly and will therefore have to get medication. If you don’t do anything about it, the problem will not be solved because you will continue to infect each other. A worm infection often does not go away on its own, although it can be resolved quickly with medication.
There are people who say that you can also ensure that the worm infection disappears yourself. Eating a clove of garlic a day could help, but this is usually not recommended, there is no guarantee that this will actually cure the worm infection, while this is guaranteed with medicines. So try to get over the shame, buy a box of medicine at the drugstore, so that the unnecessary problems are quickly resolved. This solves the problems for yourself, but also the risk of infection for others.

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