Numbness and tingling in the face: what could it be?

A complaint that affects many people is a numb, tingling and sometimes drowsy or dizzy feeling in the head, face or eyes. The tingling feeling can sometimes come on suddenly. An additional complaint with a numb or tingling sensation in your face is having tingling fingers, tingling hands or deaf hands in general. These complaints are annoying and sometimes frightening. What can it mean and what can you do about that tingling feeling in your face, head and limbs? Is it stress, hyperventilation or is there a pinched nerve?

A sleeping feeling in my head

Of course it sounds very strange to have a sleeping feeling in your head. Many people actually mean that the face is sleeping. The face can sometimes feel stiff and is also very sensitive to touch. A strange, numb feeling in your head can sometimes be the result of hyperventilation. When someone does not breathe correctly, this can trigger hyperventilation. When you hyperventilate you breathe too much. Your body then ventilates too much (hyper). Hyperventilation is always a symptom of an underlying complaint or ailment. You should then think of a large amount of stress, overload or even a panic attack. These stressors can induce hyperventilation. When hyperventilating for a long time, a sleepy or numb feeling may arise in the head. Many people do not realize that they are hyperventilating.

Light feeling, floating and tingling

As always, there are several reasons why someone can have a light feeling or numbness in the head, face or in a certain area. Tingling can also be caused by depression. People who are in a depressive phase may feel like they are constantly walking on clouds. The feeling that the head is too light is also part of the symptoms of depression. A tingling, floating feeling is one of the additional complaints. This feeling is not accompanied by pain, but the complaint is often very serious and very annoying.

Vitamins and floating feeling

Vitamins are important. Not only to protect us against viruses and other foreign substances, vitamins also help to make us feel good and healthy. If someone does not take enough vitamins, or if someone does not absorb vitamins properly into the body, this can lead to strange complaints. These complaints often resemble a deficiency of a certain substance. Drowsiness, walking on clouds and concentration problems can occur when someone absorbs too little vitamin B12. This vitamin belongs in a healthy diet, but there are also people who cannot absorb this substance properly. They take in enough, but the body does not absorb enough. A disease associated with insufficient vitamin B12 absorption is Addisson-Biermer disease. The complaints consist of:

  • Drowsiness
  • Concentration problems
  • Numbness in the feet
  • Tingling and dizziness


Nerves that cause numbness

If you experience a numb or tingling feeling in the head (face), this may also be the result of nerves that are not positioned properly. Of course it sounds a bit strange that a nerve cannot sit properly. How can these move? Well, nerves are all over our body. Nerves are also located in the head and face. The head has several nerves that are very important. These twelve nerves, the cranial nerves, almost all arise directly from the brain and not, as is almost always the case, from the spinal cord. The trigeminal nerve is one of twelve nerves. This nerve is called the triplet nerve in Dutch and, among other things, provides facial sensitivity. When you go to the doctor, he or she will be able to check whether this nerve is functioning properly.

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