Skin growth at the rectum: influence of anal marisks

The mariske is a growth on or near the anus, with extra skin protruding like a hanging flap. It can be a single protrusion, but can also occur in formations of multiple flaps next to each other. The size can vary and can potentially irritate due to insufficient cleaning. What does anal maris mean, what causes anal maris and why is good hygiene important?

Anal marisks

  • Is there a relationship with hemorrhoids or not?
  • Influence of continuous operation
  • Not cleaned properly
  • Spontaneous growth
  • What to do with anal marisks?


Is there a relationship with hemorrhoids or not?

It is often assumed that the deformity is a result of rectal hemorrhoids. This creates an enlarged vein because the person has to strain too much during defecation. It can cause a blood clot to form in the dilated vein, which becomes infected and causes a lot of pain. This growth can also take place outside the anus. If the clot gradually disappears, which also means that the pain disappears, sometimes an extra portion of skin is left behind. In most cases there is no relationship to hemorrhoids and there is no clear reason why the skin growth occurs at the site. What else could be the possible culprits?

Influence of continuous operation

The anus is the outlet of the body. It ensures that food remains and waste products usually leave the body on a daily basis. Because we relieve ourselves every day, the sphincter works daily, regularly expelling small to large amounts of stool. It ensures that the muscles and surrounding tissue are regularly activated, making that region of the body extra sensitive to additional deformities. The hardness of the stool can also have a major influence on the anus. On the one hand, there is a risk of hemorrhoids and on the other hand, hard pressing can also damage the surrounding tissue. Please note that regular anal sex could also influence the condition and degree of occurrence of maris.

Not cleaned properly

If fecal residues remain, the excreted substances act on the skin. This often concerns persistent substances to which the skin overreacts. It can irritate, itch and can also swell. Always clean thoroughly after defecation to ensure that no caked-on residue remains for a long time. Wash it daily with plenty of soap and water so that the skin is not affected. However, if there is already a growth, it must always be kept clean. The skin flaps offer more opportunities for dirt build-up, which can damage additional tissue. Make sure you install a spray hose in the toilet, so that you can clean everything thoroughly with a strong jet after defecation. Cleaning wipes can help, but cleaning agents can also have a negative effect.

Spontaneous growth

So-called fibroids can grow on any part of the body, which are characterized as fleshy, elongated skin. It is a harmless condition. In this case it occurs at the exit where the deformities look unnatural. This spontaneous growth can occur in many people. So it’s no exception that you have it.

What to do with anal marisks?

If it doesn’t bother you, then there are no medical concerns about it being there. However, it is necessary that it is kept clean, as dirt can cause irritation and possibly inflammation. In that case, it must be disinfected and, for example, zinc ointment must be applied for recovery and cooling. If you find it less aesthetically pleasing or for hygienic reasons, you can consider having it removed. Please obtain further medical information for this purpose.

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