Burnout checklist: Test whether you are overstressed or not

You don’t just get a burnout, it develops over a longer period of time. There is also no one cause, but there are several factors that contribute to becoming overstressed and temporarily losing your way. Being burned out means being physically exhausted, feeling bad, depressed, feeling powerless and no longer being able to handle your daily responsibilities. You need help with burnout. Test here whether you need help and whether your complaints and symptoms indicate a burnout.

What exactly is a burnout or being overstressed?

When you can no longer continue in your work or private life and become completely stuck, you have a burnout. Usually at that moment you are overtired, ill and your concentration and memory completely fail you. You feel depressed and no longer have the feeling that you have control over your own life and responsibilities. This is the point where you can no longer figure it out on your own and can no longer rise above yourself. You have put such a heavy burden on your own body, mind and emotional life that the plug is actually just pulled.

What are the causes of being burned out?

You do not simply become overstressed and it often takes a considerable amount of time during which you can no longer cope with your daily obligations, private or business, or a combination of the two. Usually there is a situation over which you have no control and an environment in which no support is offered. Also, someone who is more likely to become stressed usually has a more sensitive nature combined with a natural tendency towards perfectionism. At a certain point, someone becomes overstimulated, overtired or even ill and can no longer find a way out of their dire situation.

Am I suffering from burnout? Am I overstressed? Test yourself with the following checklist!

  • Do you suffer from fears and are they becoming increasingly apparent?
  • Do you suffer from concentration problems or is your memory failing you?
  • Do you feel depressed or powerless and do you ever think about suicide?
  • Do you suffer from severe fatigue or other physical complaints?
  • Do you feel irritable towards those around you?
  • Do you feel that you can no longer meet your private or business obligations?
  • Does it feel like the whole world is against you?
  • Do you have problems with your relationships at home or at work?
  • Do you suffer from sexual problems or problems sleeping?
  • Do you have enough strength to handle your life?
  • Can you turn to others for help and support?
  • Do you know how to proceed to get out of the impasse and can you organize your thoughts?
  • Do you feel like you have control over your life?
  • Do you function well socially with family and friends?
  • Do you have enough self-confidence and do you feel able to act independently?


What should you do if it turns out that you are suffering from burnout?

It is very important that you ask for help from your doctor, your family and friends or from an external coach or therapist. If the cause lies with your work, you can also seek help from a company doctor or social worker from the ARBO service. They can also help to remove you from the work process when necessary and ensure that you receive the right guidance to get yourself back on track, privately and professionally. But don’t continue to muddle through yourself even if fear or pride prevent you from taking the step towards help. If you don’t do anything, things will definitely go wrong. You have little choice, so just accept the help.

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