Deacidification by taking baking soda and additional tips

Unexplained conditions are partly caused by a deficiency of sodium bicarbonate, which can cause acids to build up quickly. Even when there is a lot of stress in life – which negatively affects the mood – body tension increases, which can cause acid levels to rise. It causes painful conditions, such as cramping muscles, tension, stitches, tingling and joint problems. What influence do acids have on the body and how can baking soda help?

Deacidification by baking soda

  • Complaints about high acidity
  • Stress and workload
  • Level of sodium bicarbonate in the body
  • Influence of age
  • How can baking soda help?
  • Further tips


Complaints about high acidity

A lot of acid in the body means that tensions are high. The muscles tend to cramp more, comparable to lactic acid in the legs after brisk walking. Cramps cause the person to regularly experience pain in the same muscle. It can apply to all muscles, including the legs, back or neck. If the acid content is relatively high, the intensity of the nuisance increases, and the degree of pain and its duration also increase. It can also cause complaints to the joints due to uric acid, which causes painful inflammation. In addition, it can underlie many unexplained conditions. What are the underlying causes of high acid in the body?

Stress and workload

If you are always busy and all your attention is given to the work, it can cost a lot of energy. In itself not that bad, but when the boss makes comments and increases the pressure, your sensitivity to stress increases. Stress and fears – for example losing your job – place high demands on the body’s own substance serotonin. It is a satisfaction substance that sets the mood. A lot of stress means that the dust level drops significantly, making you less satisfied. This can put you in a negative spiral. The influence of acids can become visible earlier, causing a good feeling to quickly fade away and make way for depression in combination with a tense body.

Level of sodium bicarbonate in the body

This substance helps the kidneys to remove acids from the blood. In other words, there must be a good serum level so that built-up acids can be effectively filtered from the body. In some people, the proportion of sodium bicarbonate is naturally too low, which can cause an acid imbalance. Low supply in combination with a stressed body causes a gradual build-up of acid. It ensures that too many acids are accumulated, which can cause the previous complaints to increasingly occur.

Influence of age

As age increases, the effective functioning of the body decreases. Complaints generally increase with age. The aforementioned substance certainly decreases every year and this can pass a critical limit from the age of forty. If acid production remains the same and the removal capacity of those acids decreases due to the sodium bicarbonate content, the acid content increases step by step. In other words, as we get older, painful complaints can become more influential. Unexplained conditions that occur in part of the population can be explained by this. Adding sodium bicarbonate can reduce ailments, which can reduce the proportion of unexplained conditions.

How can baking soda help?

Naturally, salt in the form of sodium is needed to produce sodium bicarbonate. The medical version of this is baking soda. It can be added via an infusion so that the body benefits immediately. You can also take it yourself as soluble tablets or powder. Sometimes oral intake can cause complaints in the form of gas formation. Baking soda ensures that the kidneys can remove acids from the body in a better way, so that overall tension decreases. In addition, satisfaction will improve. It has positive effects on muscle cramps, joint pain and mood (through an improved balance of satisfaction substances).

Further tips

A high acid level in the body causes many problems. Baking soda can be used to help the kidneys. However, you can also actively ensure that acids have less of a chance. Acids cause cramps, but also inflammation in joints. For example, by taking nettle tea, these acids can be removed naturally. This tea has a diuretic effect, which removes unwanted substances from the body. In addition, it has a purifying effect, making infections less likely to occur. In addition, it is important to keep moving, even as you get older. Strong muscles can withstand a blow and reduce the risk of acid build-up. To boost self-confidence you can take tryptophan supplements, which produce satisfaction substances.
Please note that it is assumed that the use of baking soda through an infusion is dangerous if there is cancer, high blood pressure, abnormalities of the lungs, heart or kidneys. Always follow the advice of the treating physician. You can obtain baking soda without a prescription at the drugstore.

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