Sweaty feet: how do I get rid of them?

Sweaty feet: a very annoying problem. Many people suffer from it, especially in the summer. But how can you remedy or reduce sweaty feet? Read these tips and help yourself!

How do sweaty feet occur?

Feet have sweat glands. These serve to dissipate heat when necessary. The feet also have a protective layer of skin. This is called the hearing layer. This layer consists of dead skin cells. In combination with a moist, warm environment, these skin cells are a perfect place for bacteria and fungi. The odor is therefore caused by the bacteria and fungi on the foot. Sweaty feet also occur because many people wear closed shoes for a large part of the day. Air cannot get in, causing the temperature in the shoe to rise.

What can I do about it?

Wash your feet

Do you suffer from sweaty feet? Then wash your feet regularly. This can be done with soap and water, but if you suffer from sweaty feet, you can also add a bactericidal product to the water. These products can often be purchased without a prescription at the pharmacy or drugstore. Some useful products are:

  • betadine scrub
  • hibiscrub
  • baking soda
  • vinegar


Alternating bath

A changing bath can also be very helpful. It helps to maintain good blood circulation in the feet and therefore does not let the feet get too cold or too hot. This works as follows. Soak your feet in warm water for 10 seconds. Then hold them in cold water for 3 seconds. Repeat this several times. Dry them thoroughly afterwards and sit with your feet up for half an hour. If necessary, you can then rub them with one of the products below.


After washing, you can apply zinc oil, akileine ointment or camphor spirit.

Keep your feet dry

Keep your feet dry as much as possible. Dry them well after showering. In the summer, wear sandals or slippers to air your feet as much as possible. In winter, make sure you wear well-ventilated shoes. Ask about this at the shoe store. Try to avoid substances such as rubber and nylon. Geox shoes are specially designed to provide good ventilation. Another tip is to walk without shoes at home as much as possible. Do not keep your socks on when they are wet with sweat, but wash your feet and put on clean socks. In any case, wear clean socks every day to prevent old sweat from remaining in the sock.


Talcum powder can help keep your feet dry. It absorbs moisture very quickly and also smells nice. There are different types of talcum powder available, containing bactericidal agents. Deodorant can also help. Use a special foot deodorant for your feet, available in shoe stores. In case of excessive sweating, a visit to the dermatologist cannot be an unnecessary luxury. This can help you if you still suffer from sweaty feet after following these tips.
Formaldehyde can help keep the smell away. You only have to dab the stuff on your feet and between your toes twice a month and you will get rid of the problem.


Insoles with cedar wood appear to work very well against sweaty feet.

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