Good nutrition is a prerequisite for healthy aging

Nowadays, healthy food must be sought carefully. The recent food scandals did not come out of the blue, but they have caused a lot of unrest. What happens to our food before it reaches the store? Is Roundup being sprayed on the fields where your fresh vegetables come from, is the livestock receiving too much medication, or is the manufacturer replacing the natural ingredients for the soup and sauces with artificial seasonings? Fruit drinks, bread, butter and cheese are also processed in different ways than before. Who knows exactly what is in the food offered and is everything indicated on the label?

Good nutrition and the temptation of society

Dutch society does not make it easy for you to live a healthy life. More and more people are becoming stressed by the hectic way of working and doing business. Anyone who is very busy quickly gets the urge to have a quick snack or fries to satisfy their hunger. This is sometimes compensated with a few pieces of fruit, but how do you know whether that is really healthy?

Busy, busy, busy and so we eat quickly

People also regularly eat in a hurry. After all, there is little time. This also has an influence on the processing of the food. Food is chewed less and food is washed down more quickly with tea, coffee or other drinks. Yet it largely depends on the food itself, how healthy it is, and how long you can stay healthy for. And after all, that’s what we all want.

Good nutrition is a prerequisite for healthy body cells

Every cell of our body is renewed after a certain time with the material we put in our mouth. The body of a person who eats healthily will also produce better body cells than the body of someone who subsists on snacks, sweets and soft drinks. Many diseases of our modern era are caused by wrong and unhealthy diet.

The training of doctors

Doctors still receive far too little information in their training about the influence of nutrients on the body. After all, making a sick body better usually does not only depend on taking medicine. A healthy diet certainly makes a good contribution to this.

Many drinks contain extra fructose and are not really considered “good” foods

Drinking water is the best way to quench thirst. Tea and coffee are widely consumed in our country. An excess of coffee is not optimal, but drinking sweetened fruit juices is certainly not. Many fruit juices contain fructose, a sugary substance that actually did not need to be added at all. However, those who drink sweet drinks become more thirsty and this is how the manufacturer maintains sales.

Squeezing juice yourself is better

It is a lot better to drink freshly squeezed or store-bought unsweetened fruit juices instead of these fruit juices containing fructose. Tomato juice or other vegetable juices are also healthier than sweetened fruit juices.

Ready-made food is not always healthy food

Little needs to be said about that. It is now known that these prepared convenience packages contain preservatives and contain fewer vitamins than fresh foods. This also applies to bread and baked rolls.

Freshly baked own bread

Baking fresh bread from plain, unprocessed flour, yeast, some butter, an egg, water or milk and a little bit of sugar and salt produces bread that is tastier and much healthier than the bread from the supermarket and even from the bakery. However, home-made bread cannot be stored for long, so you should cut it immediately after cooling and put it in packages in the freezer, where it will come out as fresh as it came in after defrosting.

Pre-cut vegetables become limp more quickly

Convenience serves people. Sliced vegetables from the supermarket are indeed very easy and are sold well. Cutting the vegetables yourself is not only cheaper but also better for preserving the vitamins. Pre-cut vegetables also become limp more quickly and have a shorter shelf life than vegetables that have not been cut.

Fresh fruits and vegetables grown without pesticides are healthy

Who still remembers the old cornfields that were covered with cornflowers? Today’s fields are full of grain, but weeds such as cornflowers are hardly seen anywhere anymore. At most along the side of the road where it has been sown by nature conservationists. Most fields are treated with herbicides before sowing, such as Roundup, which is currently being opposed because the product does not appear to be completely degradable and residues still remain in the soil. Residues that end up in food and our bodies via crops.

Not everyone can grow their own vegetables

Growing your own vegetables is of course an option, but not everyone has the time, space and resources for this these days. Yet it is already happening on a smaller scale, as you can see from the city gardens that are spread out on vacant land and the square meters of gardens that are already readily sold in the garden centers. Even on a balcony, small vegetables such as lettuce and radishes can be grown there. Apparently more and more people want to pay more attention to their food and start growing their own vegetables.


More and more cheaper medicines are being used and this is not only due to market forces. The medicines do contain the same active ingredients, but the method of processing and the added substances needed to manufacture a pill or capsule may be different. That is also the reason that some newer medications still show unwanted side effects in certain people. So always pay attention to your body’s reaction when you receive your old medicine in a new jacket.

Chemical manufacturing of medicines

Many medicines are made chemically and not all side effects are listed on the leaflet. For example, medications for high blood pressure are known to cause hair loss in the long term, but this is not stated on the package leaflet.

Healthcare benefits from good, healthy food

Doctors, hospitals and the government would do well to promote the use of good foods in medicine. Good knowledge and good use of the ingredients of foods such as carefully and sustainably grown vegetables, fruit and nuts could help in the healing of certain diseases.

Stricter government regulations for food processing are necessary

In addition, the government should introduce stricter rules for the processing of food in industry and for the use of herbicides. The money this would cost would flow back into the state coffers through lower healthcare costs. Moreover, a healthier population would also ensure a higher economy through less absenteeism due to illness.

More and more Dutch people pay attention to healthy food

Fortunately, more and more Dutch people are waking up and pushing for better and more reliable food. The change has already begun. This is also noticeable in supermarkets. More and more people are reading the information on food packages. That is also wise, because the manufacturers also regularly update that information. Not always in the right way. After all, they want to sell well at a good profit. Consumers do not want to pay too much, but want to eat as healthy as possible for that price.

What else you can do to age as healthily as possible

First of all, read labels and assess whether what you see on them is in order. Sometimes you discover that it contains substances that you do not appreciate at all for yourself and your family. So be careful when purchasing. Also buy fruits and vegetables as fresh as possible. The fresh farm is recommended, but there too you must pay attention to the freshness of products, because one fresh store is not the same as the other. Ask the butcher where he gets his meat from. Animals that have had a good life also provide better meat.

Eggs should be as fresh as possible

Also get the eggs as fresh as possible and preferably organically grown. The eggs from the supermarket have often been left for a while. If an egg no longer smells good when it is cooked, it means that it was already too old, even if there is an expiration date on the package. Eggs that you get from the farm shop or poulterer are usually fresher, but always judge them yourself. If you are not satisfied with the quality, find another supplier.

Fruits and vegetables are best bought in the morning

It is best to buy fruit and vegetables early in the morning and keep them cool. Remember that not everything goes in the refrigerator. Tomatoes are a nightshade crop and should not even be kept in the refrigerator, because they develop toxic substances, but are better stored in another cool and dark place, such as a cellar.

The health of the body is more important than money and goods

Health is very important, but you usually only find out about it when you or one of your family members becomes ill. People often only start to think about the food and the way everything is prepared. However, it is wise to eat healthy food every day.

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