Makeup as you get older

Many people who use makeup start at some point and may change it up, especially for a party, but in general people are quite faithful when it comes to the makeup they wear. Especially once brands and products have been found that are considered very pleasant, women (the largest buyers of make-up) no longer switch as much. But does that also make sense?

Make-up through the years

Change skin

If you use makeup, you know that it is important to clean your face thoroughly every time, even if you still have young skin. After cleaning you will immediately feel how your skin reacts. You don’t really notice much about normal and combination skin at first, which does not alter the fact that day cream is still not an unnecessary luxury. Dry skin can feel slightly tight and oily skin actually reacts the way you would always want your skin to. However, for all skin types, simply apply after cleansing. It is not only for what you immediately feel, but also for protection of the skin.
As you get older, your skin will react differently after cleansing. The skin actually becomes a bit drier and for those with oily skin, this will not immediately cause problems (you will not immediately feel it on the skin). Yet most people have combination skin. This means normal skin with an oily T-zone (forehead, nose and chin a bit oilier). With such a skin type you will notice that the skin becomes tighter and drier as you get older. The well-known laugh lines appear on the thin skin of the eyes and next to the mouth. But what you don’t feel may still be there, the suppleness disappears from your skin and this means that recovery is slower.
Since your skin actually starts to deteriorate from the age of 25 (very slowly), it is important to apply sunscreen even then and keep your skin as supple and nourished as possible. But 30-year-old skin needs something different than 50-year-old skin and we realize that all too well and so, as we get older, we also apply different products to our skin.

Make-up young and old

Yet there is a difference between acting on the skin’s changing process versus the makeup we put on it as we age. When it is time to change the day cream, it may also be time to see whether, for example, your eye makeup and lips could use a different makeup.
Most people use makeup to beautify their faces. To emphasize the better points of the face and to achieve that pleasant, fresh and, above all, healthy-looking look. That’s fine, although some people use makeup purely to make a statement, it is mainly to make the face even more beautiful. But then it is important that you also look at the changes in your face. After all, for example a wrinkle or line near the eyes can cause eye shadow to end up there. Something that doesn’t bother you during your younger years. Or the lines around the lips, very difficult if you put a bright color on the lips. Of course, there are also all kinds of products that can help you with this, but you also have to pay attention to that.

Changing hair color

In addition, hair color changes over the years. Blonde becomes visibly darker and although this is not a problem at all, it can mean that the make-up that previously made your face stand out so beautifully now does less. You may have to work with other colors, emphasize less lines and more the natural shapes and colors of the face (and thus make it fresher).
This is especially true if your hair turns gray and you don’t color it. In itself, gray is a color that is no longer necessarily associated with growing older, because more and more young people are consciously coloring their hair gray. A beautiful soft gray color can make it look very fresh or the angelic gray color has something girlish. But that does require a different make-up. Gray can be very harsh, especially in combination with the lines that appear on your face at some point. At least if you keep it in the colors you’ve worn before.

What can or should be done differently?

Provided that having to never plays a role, but if you want to look your best, there are some things you will have to pay attention to (without looking like the well-known granny).

  • Look carefully at your eyes and leave out too harsh outlines. It shrinks the eye. If necessary, use a white pencil on the inside of your lower eyelid (where previously the black kohl could easily be applied). Emphasize the eyes by perhaps applying some dark, smudged eye shadow to the outside of your eyelids and possibly a thin eyeliner line, but this depends on the shape of the eye, and especially a nice deep layer of mascara. Apply the upper eyelashes with two layers and possibly the lower eyelashes with one layer. You can make it a bit more festive with a little bit of shine under the eyebrows and under the eye. Eyebrows should be nice and full and well shaped.
  • Putting a lot of color on your cheeks can look very flashy. If you are very white, a colored day cream or a good, not too dark foundation is a solution. Then just apply a blur to the cheeks with a color that is slightly deeper in color than the foundation. The blushers are available in many nude and beige/brown shades. If you have more color on your skin, a fresher color can help. Think of the soft pink that can lighten up the darker skin.
  • Applying heavy make-up to the lips, even with heavily made-up eyes, can quickly become regarded as bad taste. If you want to emphasize the lips with a bold color, make sure that the eyes are not made up too heavily. When you are younger it is often not nice, but many women still get away with it. This is different as you get older. Make sure you have a good lip liner in the same color and keep the bold color within the lip liner. This way you prevent the intense color from running into the lip lines. No intense color, you can opt for or a gloss. This is fine if your lips already have enough color and a natural color, but with a little more spice and shine if you naturally have little color in the lips. Many women’s lips become thinner and a gloss can visually enlarge them slightly.



Whatever you choose, look carefully at what can enhance your natural beauty and what cannot. Don’t just buy the things from yesteryear again, but look in the store at the new colors and options to emphasize the natural beauty. There is plenty for every age category and denying what your age is ultimately works against you.

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