The influence that stress has on humans

Stress, everyone suffers from it, it is actually something very normal. It is something you encounter everywhere, often even in everyday life. Yet it is not always so much fun. Sometimes it is so bad that you can no longer function normally, and there can be adverse effects from long-term stress. In fact, stress is meant to be something positive, it should actually help us function. But then we have to deal with it in a certain way, we should not be under the pressure of stress for too long.

Effect of stress on the body

Stress actually has a positive effect on our body, it prepares us for the exciting event that is to come. This makes you alert and respond better to things that happen. In this way, stress is good for functioning, so you will achieve better results. On the other hand, stress can also have a negative effect, especially if there is stress for a long time. In that case the body is under that tension for too long, which is not good. This can cause major problems in the body, such as high blood pressure, cerebral hemorrhages, heart attacks and other physical disorders. These are mainly problems that you see in people who are under long-term pressure, for example due to a hectic work environment.

Effect of stress on our mental health

Suffering from long-term stress can not only cause physical problems, it can also cause psychological problems. Consider, for example, chronic anxiety or depression. It is not the case that everyone who suffers from stress should immediately suffer from it, but it could have an effect. It is wise to keep an eye on this if you know that you are sensitive to it, or if you have been suffering from a lot of stress for a long time.

Different reactions per person

The effect that stress has on people varies greatly from person to person. The situations that cause stress differ per person, but the response to them is also very different. There are people who can handle stress very well, who may suffer from it, but do not show it and simply get through it. There are also people who are immediately upset by a minor stressful situation, as a result of which they can no longer function properly. How someone responds depends on many different factors. What has that person been through lately? Is there long-term stress? What about the person’s psychological and physical condition? These are all different factors that play a role in the effect that stress has on someone, so this is very much tied to a specific person, no one reacts the same.

Varies per situation

There are also differences in situation: a person can react very differently to stress in two apparently similar situations. This is actually mainly determined by the possibilities available in the situation. If there are different options for the person to deal with the stress, this will have much less effect than if the person is in a situation over which he has little influence. However, it can also work the other way around. Especially in a situation where you have little influence, it is easier to let go of the stress, after all, it is not up to you to change anything. How people respond to this also differs per person. One person can easily let go of something, while another can worry about it for a long time.

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