Dealing with stress effectively

Everyone suffers from stress sometimes. Long-term or short-term, one situation is worse than the other, but stress plays a major role in our lives. At home, at work, wherever, stress is actually part of the things we deal with in our daily lives. Apparently it has a major influence on us, on our activities. Stress can be very annoying, it can affect our functioning. That is why it is smart to take into account that we sometimes suffer from stress. If you take this into account, you can also deal with stress better.

Social support

Something that is very important if you suffer from a lot of stress is social support. Your environment is one of your most important resources, and it is also the one that is easiest to reach. Talking about stressful situations can be illuminating, allowing you to find out what actually causes stress. Awareness can already ensure that stress decreases. In addition, the people around you can reduce stress. They can help you in stressful situations and they can provide solutions. It’s smart to talk to people about it, because sometimes there are obvious solutions that you don’t think of yourself, because you can’t look at it that way at the time.

A positive attitude

It may seem a bit vague, but positive thinking has a very big influence on the mental state. It can make a big difference, especially in a situation where stress plays a major role. Try not to always assume the worst, look at things on the positive side. This will make your attitude more positive, allowing you to deal with the stressful situation better. Take as an example a very important presentation that you have been preparing for for months. This will probably cause stress, because what if you don’t finish it? Stay positive. Try to look at it realistically, don’t be guided by all the feelings of stress. You will probably finish the presentation on time, but just thinking that you won’t finish it doesn’t help, it only causes stress, which in turn is distracting. So being positive really helps.

A cheerful attitude

This is also actually a quite vague concept. It is roughly comparable to a positive attitude, although there are a few minor differences. A positive attitude is especially important in the stressful situation itself, but a cheerful attitude is actually especially important outside the stressful situation. For example, you suffer from a lot of stress at work, you come home, but you remain very stressed. That’s not good, you’ll never actually get rid of it. Try to let it go, try to be cheerful. Do some fun things, relax, don’t dwell on the negative aspects of stress, because that will probably drive you crazy. This only makes the feelings of stress worse.

Sports and exercise

This is a very well-known tool for stress. Movement provides relaxation. This relaxation reduces stress, allowing you to deal with it better. It is also a distraction, you can think about something other than the stress. This is good so that you do not get stuck in the negative and tense atmosphere. In stressful situations there is often great pressure on the body, which decreases during exercise. The body can then release the tension somewhere, which can also prevent unpleasant consequences of stress. Consider, for example, heart problems. By exercising in between situations of long-term stress, the tension in the body decreases.

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