Eternally young and living longer, the golden tips

Eternal life. A wish for many and who knows, it may also be true in the Hereafter, in which one life after another on earth alternates with intermediate stages in (hopefully) heaven. But for the time being we will have to make do with this body in this life here on earth. A few even had themselves frozen in the hope of a development in medical science that could cure diseases during freezing. Others closely follow scientific developments. And still others live as healthily as possible to extend their precious lifespan. Below are some crucial facts discovered by science.

Rejuvenating gene discovered

A lot of research has been done worldwide into age-determining factors. Recently (May 2013), a gene was even discovered in rats and earthworms that ensures that these animals can live much longer under certain circumstances.

Rats live 60 percent longer due to insufficient food

Another study showed that rats that ate much less than the other rats in the control group lived to be 16 years old. The normally eating rats lived to be 10 years old. Similar studies focusing on calorie intake and its effects on longevity yield similar results.

Japanese people also grow older because they eat less

The same effect has also been observed in humans. A group of Japanese living in relative isolation grew very old. Much older than the rest. So the scientists went there to take stock. As it turned out. In addition to the necessary exercise, this group stopped every meal when they were only 80 percent full. So they stopped while they were still hungry.

More life-prolonging factors

There are many, many more life-prolonging factors (including life-shortening ones of course), on average. One person eats very little and unfortunately ends up hit by a tram. And another eats fat and still lives longer. All factors should actually be highlighted in a way that is accessible to everyone, so that everyone can benefit from them.

Risks of sports, traffic and behavior

Information about life-prolonging factors can also be found on the internet. Here is the classification of the main groups and associated factors and we also focus on some environmental factors. The other factors that remain unexposed include the risks of sports, traffic, behavior and choice and the importance of a healthy body and mind. However, these factors are of vital importance. (see the links below if necessary). Immerse yourself in it and use it to your advantage.

Golden good: life time

It’s about the golden commodity: life time. Unlike diamonds and money, you cannot get very much more of this precious commodity. But until that gene pill is on the market, here are some very valuable tips that, all in all, significantly increase the chance of a longer life… (even though there is such a thing as destiny). And who knows, that gene pill will really be available in ten years, so it would be smart to start living a healthy lifestyle now, so that you can experience the introduction and benefits of that pill.

Heart-related complications are the number one cause of death

Tip: since heart-related complications are the number one cause of death, it is good to know that from now on you can take action yourself to change your risk profile. Are there cholesterol-raising genes in your family? Then be (a little) extra careful with what you eat. And find out more about this number one on the list.

Moderate with cookies

Read a brochure from the Heart Foundation about saturated and unsaturated fats. Sugars and trans fats. The latter are especially tricky. And they are often found in cookies. Is it liquid at room temperature? Then it is also a bit more fluid in your body. These are not lifestyle or dietary recommendations. Always consult a dietician and/or doctor. Otherwise, take a pharmacy cholesterol test. And look at the labels in the supermarket. Filled cookies. Mmmm tasty. But gingerbread is better if you want to live longer.

Less sugar

Limited sugar intake is also crucial. sugar converts back into fat… Watch your cholesterol. a person does need sugars and fats. But moderation is the key. Consciously deal with cholesterol, sugar and exercise and of course no smoking and no (excessive) alcohol.

Enough exercise

People who walk a lot live longer. For every five minutes you walk, you live five minutes longer, on average. So walking for half an hour every day means living half an hour longer… (again, on average, of course, and certainly not for everyone, nor for people who make too much effort). The longer-living Japanese did a lot of physical work in their gardens in addition to their limited food intake.

Your place of birth can give you ten extra years

We will now look in your environment to see which factors influence your lifespan. Were you born in a prosperous country? Then you will immediately become ten years older on average. This is partly due to healthier food being available. But children who grow up with fast food will have to deal with the unhealthy consequences in the course of their lives and then too much prosperity shortens their lifespan.

Living in the city? Then live an average of three years shorter

Living in the city shortens your lifespan by three years on average. However, both rural life and city life can both have a good influence on your life. It is the disadvantaged neighborhoods with bad houses, no green areas, traffic nuisance (and also inhaling soot from exhaust fumes) and those worse habits of people from your immediate environment that you adopt. These factors shorten your lifespan.

An optimist lives eight years longer

If you are an optimist, you will live on average eight whole years longer. Because if you are positive, it affects your mood and behavior. You radiate it. This increases your chance of a positive response. The result is that you end up in an upward spiral. Because you respond pleasantly to it. And the resulting positive reactions also relate pleasantly to your state of mind. Substances are also produced in your body and released, which strengthen your immune system. This makes you less likely to get sick. And that is why you live on average eight years longer.


According to some beliefs, eternal life is within reach. A belief in heaven extends life on average by seven years. Living with attention and in the now is of course a way to make a short or long life more attractive and that also extends the average lifespan. Not everyone will live to be one hundred and twenty-two in this life. But maybe these tips can help you stick with it for a while.

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