Itchy scalp after cycling or exercising

Sports and exercise are extremely good for your health. It promotes the production of active muscles, which also increases adrenaline and amino acid levels. It forms the basis for a slim and strong body by promoting metabolism. You may regularly experience annoying itching on your head after exercise, which reduces the desire to exercise. What causes itchy scalp and what can be done about it?

Itchy scalp after exercise

  • Symptoms
  • Mental factor for not exercising
  • It’s crawling on your head
  • Structurally prevent itchy scalp
  • Rest first after exercising



If you have had a good workout, you usually feel good. But you have a busy life and so you quickly leave after the shower. You’ve barely left and your head is itching. It seems like there is something there that is causing the itching. You may scratch here and there, but it often takes half to a full hour for the disturbing effect to disappear. You know scratching won’t help but you can’t resist. You are literally at a loss and you don’t know how to get rid of it. Every time after exertion the itching happens again.

Mental factor for not exercising

Always having itching after exercise or exertion can be a mental reason to avoid sports. The person may find it very annoying or experience it as very annoying. It causes you to be distracted and unable to continue with concentration. Moreover, you may think that something strange is going on and so you would rather prevent it from happening. What could be the underlying reasons and what do you do about it?

It’s crawling on your head

If you have been exercising, but from one moment to the next you have a crawling feeling on your head, then you may have a lice outbreak. The animal has small barbs, which allow it to move well between the hair on the head. The scalp becomes irritated. In places where people gather, lice can quickly jump to another person via clothing, jackets, the shower or changing room. Within a short period of time you can suffer from lice, which causes a lot of itching. Use delousing agent, nettle water or shave your head to remove the culprit.

Structurally prevent itchy scalp

If it always occurs after exercise and then goes away, then it is not caused by lice. The body is overheated after exercise, causing your skin to sweat. If you take a quick shower immediately after exercising, the heat has not yet disappeared from the body. It makes you sweat after you’ve already left. It manifests itself in a lot of sweat in those places that are still too warm. Because the head is an important outlet for body heat, a lot of sweat will also form there. Sweat droplets can travel along the hair, possibly moving slowly over the skin as a stream, causing the skin to irritate. As long as you sweat and the scalp has not dried up (drying also has an irritating effect due to the higher salt content), you will continue to itch.

Rest first after exercising

If you have exercised for an hour, make sure you relax first. Don’t rush to your next appointment because you will arrive sweaty. Rest means that the body can dissipate heat naturally. Once you have cooled down, you can rinse yourself off so that you can look fresh again. A long cooling shower can have a beneficial effect. Rest and rinse off as soon as you stop sweating. This way you prevent the itchy feeling afterwards.

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