White lumps under skin: gout tophi, uric acid crystal

A lump is often associated with cancer, but that does not always have to be the case! High concentrations of uric acid in the body can crystallize and accumulate in the moving parts. Think of the feet, hands, neck or fingers. The condition can cause a single painful lump to a large concentration of white lumps under the skin. What is gout tophi and what causes it?

Gout tophi, uric acid crystal

  • The symptoms
  • What is uric acid?
  • Why is it built up?
  • What are the additional complaints?
  • Preventing gout tophi


The symptoms

The skin feels fused, with localized hard nodules being noticeable. As the proportion increases, the shape of the body will change. In the most extreme cases, it can be very disruptive to functioning, because normal movement function is disrupted. It looks like hard growths, which cluster and change the shape of the body locally. Because it is visible directly under the skin, the white appearance of the substance is recognizable. If there are many lumps, the skin will appear white dots, with the hard lumps being clearly palpable. There is also the possibility of the skin tearing, expelling the crystal matter from the body.

What is uric acid?

The most well-known condition caused by uric acid is joint pain. It is similar to lactic acid and builds up over time, causing complaints. It is a residual product of purines, also called nucleic acids. Acid causes inflammation in the joint, causing the synovium (joint mucosa) to swell. This can result in severe pain. At low concentrations, the substance causes the joints to tense up and become painful. If the concentrations are high, it will solidify, causing the condition.

Why is it built up?

As the person ages, the proportion of sodium bicarbonate in the body decreases. This substance is responsible for the removal of acids by stimulating the kidneys. In the event of a deficiency (common from the age of forty), the proportion of acids increases, which can cause muscle cramps and joint pain. An important cause of this is an accumulation of uric acid. Because it is not removed, its concentration in the body increases, resulting in accumulations. The uric acid accumulates in the form of white crystals, which can be concentrated in the skin.

What are the additional complaints?

The accumulation may appear as a single discrete nodule (a millimeter in size, but noticeable), after which it may increase in size and number. Many of these nodules accumulated in a finger can cause an erratic course, with the finger changing shape. It can also occur on the heel, knee, arm and auricle. The build-up of lumps can hurt or become painful if other tissue comes under pressure. In addition, it causes the person aesthetic problems. Because it often concerns a deformity in or around the joint, it can be positioned incorrectly. The muscles and tendons are under uneven tension, causing the straight position of a finger, for example, to have an unnatural zigzag relationship.

Preventing gout tophi

A lot of acid build-up in the body leads to the formation of hardening. In addition, it causes inflammation in the joint, resulting in osteoarthritis. Because acid build-up from the age of forty is a reality for many, action is needed. Acid must be removed by taking baking soda, for example. Nettle tea with a moisture, toxin and acid removing effect also offers good help. If you take it, you avoid proliferation of uric acid crystal formation and you prevent painful complaints due to arthritis.

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