Preventive tips that extend your lifespan

First of all, we interrupt your activities with a good news item: it turns out that people who have a positive outlook on life live much longer on average. No less than eight years. Then you can do a lot more and have more fun doing it. Not only having a positive outlook on life extends the average lifespan. Many other things also contribute to this. Your place of birth, your diet and whether you practice dangerous sports, for example. You can also add many extra hours of life to your lifespan through preventive measures. Here are some preventative measures. Many variables influence our lifespan. The presence of stress in our lives can shorten lifespan by an average of two years, research shows. Smoking even shortens the average lifespan by an average of eight years. Yoga practice, for example, on the other hand, results in an average lifespan extension of five additional years.

Prevention is better than cure

It sounds so simple and that’s why it goes in one ear and out the other. Prevention is better than cure. However, that statement, if applied correctly, does carry a very valuable meaning. You will simply live longer on average if you follow some of the tips described below from now on. Let them sink in or read them again later. Preventive measures can also extend your life considerably. Here are those tips regarding prevention.

Fitness and good sex

Healthy and safe exercise such as walking, cycling, fitness, sports, sex, DIY, etc. quickly provides an average of two to five years of extra life. An average working time due to the above physical efforts with a burn of 2000 calories per week is a benchmark that is currently used for this lifespan extension.

Apply and look at your body

As part of prevention, you can also pay attention to your skin. You can check your skin every now and then for malignant melanoma. It is aggressive and spreads quickly. Protect your skin against UV radiation and keep an eye on your skin. For example once a month. Also take a look in the mirror and under the soles of your feet. Get to know your moles. And pay attention to a mole that is different on one half than the other half. The birthmark is large (more than 5 mm) and has irregular edges. It can still be treated well in the early stages.


Vaccination leads to a longer life. Adults can become even sicker than children if they have not been vaccinated before. If you have not previously had all the usual childhood vaccinations, discuss with your doctor which ones you may still need. Tetanus shots are available all over the world and in at least 20% of situations it ends badly. Sometimes it would be better to consult with your doctor every ten years to determine whether a new tetanus shot is beneficial. People who reach retirement age are more susceptible to pneumonia. You can also get vaccinated against that. Because it is often the flu in combination with problems with the heart and lungs.

When should you wash your hands?

Wash your hands after visiting the toilet, before cooking and before sitting at the table, before and after changing a baby’s diaper, because this also keeps the baby free of bacteria. After sneezing and blowing your nose, before and after caring for a sick person, before and after treating a wound. After petting animals. After a visit to the petting zoo, after contact with animal feces and feces, after contact with waste and after working in the garden.

How should you wash your hands?

Thoroughly and with plenty of soap for at least twenty seconds and with clean tap water. Don’t forget your thumbs, fingers and wrists. Dry your hands with a new paper towel. You also use that cloth to close the tap and pay attention to the door handle of the toilet when you go outside. Just to be nice, occasionally clean the tap, doorknob and door handle and the flush button in the toilet for your fellow human beings with a paper towel and some soap.

Quit smoking, drugs and drinking

Vaccinations, healthy living, eating, drinking and not consuming other things (anymore), such as smoking, (excessive) alcohol use and drugs also fall under prevention. And if you make more conscious choices, and adjust your living environment and lifestyle where necessary, and of course pay attention to limited calorie intake, you significantly increase the chance that your life expectancy will increase considerably.

The longevity pill

The current level of medicine is increasing worldwide. This preventive effect results in a life where it may be possible in the future to extend your lifespan with a pill. They have come a long way, so 20 years later there is a pill on the market that can add another 5 years to your life. Count your winnings.

The sooner the better. Just go to the doctor anyway

If the correct diagnosis is made at an early stage of a disease, treatment is generally easier, because there is still relatively little damage. So be on the lookout for strange lumps, lumps, unusual pain, bleeding, rashes, or other issues that cannot be directly traced. Just go to your doctor. Listen carefully to this doctor’s advice.

Test yourself and stay healthy

Many tests can detect different types of cancer. Heart disease can be prevented by testing in the hospital with the results of your electrocardiogram and your cholesterol levels. Nowadays you can even get the latter test at the pharmacy. And implement it yourself. Diabetes can be detected with a blood sugar test. Sometimes even with a test that can be performed yourself. Other test results can diagnose thyroid disease, kidney disease, stomach ulcers, and various eye diseases. A general body scan also provides a lot of extra information.


Let life come as it is. We all have to learn from our mistakes. So that mistake was also necessary to now live life more consciously. Now perhaps a little older and therefore a little wiser, we know how valuable our lives are. And it now appears that we would like to stick to it for a few more hours, days, months and years. By taking preventive action now. These preventive measures ensure that risk factors can be discovered or corrected at an early stage. Use it to your advantage.


A longer life is now almost on the horizon for many people. Simply by becoming aware of a number of simple things and changing your behavior, you can easily add quite a few years to your life. However, changing behavior is easier said than done. Here you must maintain your other, desired behavior for at least three weeks in order for it to become part of your personality. After that it quickly becomes second nature and you don’t know any better. But many people want to do it, but don’t do it for various reasons. And drop out. The tips are quite simple, but applying them consistently is quite a challenge. That requires a go-getter.

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