Experience wellness differently

Wellness or wellbeing, as we increasingly call it these days, is actually immersing yourself in a good feeling, something pleasant to relax and rejuvenate and recover. Not necessarily necessarily healthy for your body, but as long as the good feeling comes.

Get started with your body

In practice, we usually look for things that are good for our body, and the sauna with all its facilities still does very well. But we also like to combine it with a facial treatment, wrap or massage and of course we have a healthy lunch with a tasty salad or something. We drink a healthy smoothie, but we also have a nice white wine with dinner. Which is actually not exactly the right thing for the body, but oh well.
In general, we only do the body good, we rest from the busy life and recharge to cope with the hectic life. But it still doesn’t really dawn on us that we continue to need that benefit for the body and that this may be a signal to keep our hectic existence in check a little more. Or we choose to go far in what is feasible for body and mind, versus the moment when we can enjoy again.

New facilities

Enjoy extra

This can of course be an extra moment of enjoyment that we would actually like to maintain and that in turn provides an explanation about the human being who lives towards something (whereby the enjoyment of the present is sometimes forgotten). So we set goals and then reward ourselves! This is certainly possible and that is why commerce is so keen to respond to it. This also means that the sector must regularly innovate and offer new facilities to remain attractive to consumers.

What’s there (new)?

People continue to invent new wellness methods themselves or import them from abroad. Everything is possible and allowed to make the consumer happy, because that makes him/her happy, able to relax and recover. Some examples of new(er) techniques in larger salons:

  • with stones , the warm stones that are placed on our backs, and for those who love these, there are now also the cold stones. You have to be quite tough, but it helps to warm up the body independently, soothes muscle pain and stimulates blood circulation.
  • Lomi lomi massage , this is an intense and very extensive massage where long, flowing and rhythmic movements predominate. Also, not only the hands are used. When undergoing such a massage, keep in mind that you will feel knees, feet, knuckles and sometimes objects against your body. But it relaxes great!
  • Well not yoga , it has partly the same effect as yoga, but it is all done for you. It is an originally Thai massage method where you are also massaged with a kind of hammer. The energy channels are emphatically stimulated in this way.
  • The fruit wrap , we already have the algae wrap, the chocolate wrap and the mud wrap… we now have the fruit wrap. A mixture of freshly mixed fruit that should stimulate the skin and stimulate blood circulation. Your skin will look healthy and you will continue to smell wonderful (softly sweet) even after showering.


Small-scale home

What we sometimes ignore is the small-scale things you can do at home. What works very well to relax your body is the lukewarm foot bath. There are special massage baths for the feet, but you can of course also simply take a bucket in which the feet can be placed.
Dilute the lukewarm water with something specific from the drugstore (for the feet) or make your own mixture of, for example, lavender extract or chamomile extract and mix it with the long-warm water. Soak your feet in it for about 10 minutes, pat them dry and rub them extensively with a nice foot balm, rose oil mixture or home-made mixture that relaxes you. Apply gently and for a long time until it is completely absorbed, including your ankles. In total it will take you about 20 minutes, but it is a wonderful ritual that ultimately benefits your entire body. If you have some help, then massaging the cream is the best thing you can leave to the other person. Nice and relaxing.


There is enough and something for everyone and for every wallet, which makes wellness as we increasingly see it, feasible for almost everyone. It remains a very personal process that relaxes and restores you.

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