Slippers and slippers

Slippers, also called slippers or house shoes, come in all shapes and sizes. They are mainly used as shoes for the home. A slipper is usually lighter in weight and slightly more flexible than a regular shoe. Most people wear slippers because they offer great comfort, are easy to put on and take off and are wonderfully warm in winter.

Sheep wool slippers

Since the Australian Ugg shoes were introduced in the Netherlands, sheep’s wool as an inner lining became very popular for both shoes and slippers. The sheep’s wool makes it the warmest inner lining currently available for slippers. In addition, the slippers from Ugg Australia and Shepherd of Sweden are often of very good quality, which means they last a long time. However, the prices of sheep’s wool slippers are a lot more expensive than the slightly simpler slippers.

Slipper slippers

Slippers are those that do not enclose the heel. The leather version of the slipper has a very chic look and is mainly worn by men. There are also fabric and felt variants of the slipper, keep in mind that these will wear out faster with frequent use than the leather variant, of course the fabric variant is also slightly cheaper than the leather variant. The advantage of mule slippers is that they are easy to get in and out of and they feel loose after a long day of wearing shoes.

Sock slippers

Sock slippers are, as the name suggests, a cross between socks and slippers. The slipper feels like a sock, but has more grip than a sock to prevent slipping. The sock slipper is also warmer than a normal sock. It is the ideal slipper if you need a lot of freedom of movement.

Spanish slippers

The Spanish slipper is probably one of the more famous slippers. It has a very soft inner lining and a fabric suede outer lining. The original Bernardino Spanish slippers are still actually produced in Spain and are of high quality. The Spanish slipper is available in a high and a low model. The soft inner lining also makes this slipper very suitable for cold winter days.

Microwave slippers

With 90 seconds in the microwave you will have warm feet all evening with microwave slippers. It helps the blood flow and also appears to have a positive effect on sleep. The microwave slipper is recommended for people with rheumatism and arthritis. If the sheep’s wool slippers and the Spanish slippers are not warm enough for you, this is the last solution.

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