What is numerology and what can you do with it?

You probably already understand, it’s about numbers. Everyone has learned to deal with numbers in primary school, but in numerology numbers and numbers are viewed very differently. In numerology, every number has a special meaning and so a numerologist can use numbers and numbers to explain circumstances that are going on at that moment and even tell you, based on your date of birth, what your goal is here. soil. Numbers have always been important. The use and application of numbers dates back 10,000 years when the Maya developed the first number system. The Egyptians and Indians were also interested in numbers, values and measurements and also used it to observe the sky during the dark nights, which eventually led to the creation of the first calendar.

What is numerology?

Every number has its own unique vibration. This also applies to every sound and every letter. Based on that vibration, a numerologist can, for example, use a date of birth or name to draw your numeroscope. Based on this he can tell you what your purpose here on earth is and what life lesson you need to learn, how you approach life and even how you come across to other people.
A numerologist is often someone who has been interested and intrigued by numbers from an early age and has eventually specialized in them. He or she sees the true meaning behind, for example, a birth number. Why were you born on that date? Or: your house number: why do you live at that number? And in this way a numerologist can help people gain insight into their lives.
Numerology assumes that every sound and letter is opposite a number. In numerology, numbers are the symbols for the different numbers or vibrations. For example in the name. Each number (letter/sound) represents its own vibration, its own meaning, its own power. And every person radiates their own energy, their own vibration, which is unique to that person.
The working method of a numerologist is actually similar to that of an astrologer. An astrologer can also calculate your life purpose based on your date of birth or place . He does this based on the position of the stars as they were at the time of your birth. Because you were born at that moment was no coincidence. Even your name is no coincidence. Sometimes it is nice to look at something astrologically and numerologically so that you can compare. And of course it is nice if it turns out that the outcome is consistent.

Name and date of birth

Your name is an important fact. It may seem strange, but the name you have been given is really completely personal and really belongs to you. That name reflects your own personality and that is your character. And the date of your birth also has an important influence. This will record vibrations so that one will have experiences to learn from. Because ultimately we came into this life to learn. With the application of numerology you can see what you have to learn.
Numerology gives us an opportunity to gain better insight into ourselves. It shows us what our gifts and possibilities are and in what areas our limitations lie. It reveals our life lessons, and teaches us about the forces that control us and that we encounter. Through numerology we can take our lives to a higher level. After your birthday you have to deal with your assignment in this life.
Numerology is an esoteric teaching. The theory of numbers. And that is very old and comes from very old writings, such as the Kabbelaar, the Indian Vedas, the Chinese writings, etc. As far as is known, it is more than 11,000 years old. Numbers have a great symbolic meaning and you can also translate a number in this way. A numerologist hears or sees a number and immediately sees a picture in his mind. And each number represents specific forces. Each letter in the alphabet is also associated with a number. And then in the simplest way such as: A-1, B-2, C-3 and so on. So you can convert your entire name into numbers.

How exactly does that work?

In numerology people work with numbers, but certainly also with letters. Each letter has a number, so for example the letters of your name can be converted into numbers. The numbers used for this are the numbers 1 to 9. If the number is larger, such as 34, they are added together again (3+4) so that it ultimately becomes a number between 1 and 9. this case it is 3+4=7.

The meaning of the numbers 1 to 9

  1. This number indicates your personal identity. The initiator, your originality. It is also the number of the ‘ego’. And also of your divinity, which every person has within them. Also knowing who you are: the leader. The negative side: arrogance, tyranny, control freak.
  2. This number represents sensitivity and how you deal with others, cooperation and friendship. The negative side: is that you are so sensitive that you are very shy. Or very vulnerable.
  3. The three indicates: creativity, expression. How do you express yourself? The negative side of this number: tactlessness and jealousy.
  4. The number four represents retention, boundaries, structure, organization, orderliness, matter, work. The negative side: becoming dogmatic or very narrow-minded.
  5. The five: letting go, changes, freedom and adventure. Traveling, interest in others. The negative side: restlessness, wanting to do too much.
  6. The six represents personal love. Service in itself, harmony, equality. The negative side of the 6: critical. Being so caring that you start to claim.
  7. This number represents: intuition, introspection, reason and wisdom. That you get when your intuition and your reason are in balance. Negative: becoming too rational or egocentric.
  8. This is the balance number. You must achieve this balance in the spiritual as well as in the material, the mental and the emotional. Trying to get all this in balance. The 8 is a very powerful number. This number gives power and strength on a material level. The disadvantage: seeking out this power and strength in financial matters too quickly.
  9. Stands for love towards everyone. To all humanity. Disadvantage: quickly feeling sorry for others and sentimentality. Purification number.


Exception numbers

Master numbers

There are a number above 9 for which an exception is made. These are special numbers. They are called the master numbers. Master numbers have a special meaning and also a double power. The master numbers are:
11-22-33-44-55-66-77-88 and 99
These numbers are strongest when they appear in your date of birth. This could be if your birthday is on the 22nd, but also if your birthday is in month 11. The most special thing is when the addition of your date of birth results in a master number.
Master numbers have everything to do with spirituality and when you see them at unexpected times, such as 11:11 am, it often has something to do with it. with a message for you at that moment. There are often people who keep coming across the same numbers when they look at the clock or come across numbers somewhere along the way. It happens to you so often that you automatically start to wonder why I see 11:11 or 22:22 everywhere?

The meaning of the master numbers

The 11 is the number of inspiration and intuition, idealism, perfection, the peacemaker and very musical. The negative side: superiority, fanaticism
The 22 is a very strong number. There are 2 twos in there. Very sensitive. Intuition and Action. The great organizer: guiding and leading people. Insight and overview. The negative side: that it can cause a lot of fear, phobias.
Would you also like to read what the other master numbers mean? Then follow the following link: ‘more about master numbers’.

Karmic numbers

Then there are the karmic numbers, and these have to do with things or events from a past life. When these numbers start to appear to you, there are still issues from a previous life that you still have to do something with in this life. The karmic numbers are: 13-14-16 and 19
Each number represents a higher and a lower expression and the person can decide for himself whether he wants to deal with this in harmony or in disharmony. But you need both aspects to learn your lessons and thus experience where your balance lies.
The meaning of the karmic numbers are:

The 13

Shows two sides, namely the 13 or the 4 (1+3=4). This always has to do with past lives. If you encounter this number in your numeroscope, it always has to do with past lives. Then you did not work so hard with or for others in a previous life. And you can do that now, because the intention is to work inspired and creatively with and for others. And the other side: there is a lot of aggression and a lot of impatience.

The 14

So that is a 14 or a 5 (1+4=5). It means that you took too much freedom in a previous life. It is a number in which you have to find a balance between holding on and letting go. A lot of deliberation. Negative: fear of commitment.

The 16

So that is the 16 or a 7 (1+6=7) in a previous life you did not do anything about love. Because the 6 stands for love. And the 7 stands for wisdom. The task then is to get to know the wisdom of love and that is not easy. Negative: enormous fear of rejection. And it may be that you are rejecting, or that you are afraid of being rejected.

The 19

So that is the 19 or 1 (1+9=10/1+0=1), then in a previous life you were completely focused on yourself and were blind to the environment. You have to catch up with that in this life. The point is to find purity in this life and to be of service to humanity. The negative side: that you go too far with helping, caring and serving.

The 0

Very occasionally a 0 also appears in numerology. And then it concerns an old soul. These are people who have already had the necessary lives. And then this life is now meant to be the last life. But then all learning processes must have been learned. Because otherwise this won’t be the last life yet.


A numerologist can therefore calculate based on your date of birth, but also on your name, why you are here on earth, what your purpose is, and what phase you are currently in. But so much more, because for example your house number can also tell you something, or your neighborhood number or the network number of your telephone area. All these numbers say something about you or your life and if you are curious, I would definitely make an appointment for a numeroscope. Another thing you can do, which is always fun to try, is go to the next page. Because there you can test what your date of birth means. Or your house number, your personality number, your relationship number, etc. etc. Follow this link

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