Free light therapy with your coffee? On to Bagels & Beans!

Blue Monday. That is the appropriate day when coffee chain Bagels & Beans started with an original service: daylight therapy with your coffee or bagel! In collaboration with Goodlite, Bagels & Beans offers you a short session with the Luminette light therapy glasses. But… what exactly is light therapy? Is there evidence for its effect? And is it of any use if you just sit and eat your bagel for fifteen minutes with those glasses on? Read more… Blue Monday, or the third Monday of January. ‘Blue’ here does not stand for a nice color, but for the English term ‘blue’ as in: gloomy, in a bad mood. On such a Blue Monday, Bagels & Beans introduced an idea that deserves the originality prize. From now on you can enjoy free light therapy with your coffee or bagel from Bagels & Beans… for fifteen minutes! You get this light from the so-called Luminette. These are special light therapy glasses that have only recently been introduced in the Netherlands. Stimulating light is delivered to your eyes via a holographic visor. There is scientific evidence that light therapy gives you a better mood and more energy!

Blue Monday

The main reason why Blue Monday has its name has to do with our good intentions. Around that infamous third Monday in January, it became clear to us that not all of our good intentions will be achieved this year. And that can cause a dip. But there is another reason why a January (lunar) day is not the best time of the year. We are in the middle of winter time, and it has become apparent that a lack of light contributes to a feeling of lethargy or gloom, or both, for many Dutch people. There are many people who do not cope well with dark times. In the Netherlands alone, more than 600,000 people experience a gloomy or lethargic feeling every year that is not so much related to an unpleasant event as to the season.

Winter blues or no winter blues?

How do you recognize a winter blues? Not so much about mood problems, as is thought. What characterizes the winter blues in particular is (persistent) fatigue, reduced energy, concentration problems and a great need for sleep. As mentioned, these complaints are related to the lack of light. This changes the biorhythm of your body, and then complaints arise. Light therapy soothes or remedies the winter blues in a natural way. The special light administered through your eyes restores the biorhythm. Your body will therefore produce the right body substances at the right times of the day: awake is awake and sleeping is sleeping, as it should be. Light therapy is even recommended as the first-choice treatment in official Dutch guidelines from doctors.

Lamp or glasses?

Light therapy has undergone enormous development. It was once reserved for (para)medical practitioners. Then makers such as Philips also brought ‘daylight in a lamp’ within the reach of us mere mortals. The EnergyLight stands for the lamp that you can sit in front of while watching TV or working, for example. The Wake Up Light is an alarm clock that lets you wake up pleasantly with a natural-looking rising light. And now there are the Luminette light therapy glasses. From another maker: Goodlite. The advantage of these glasses is that users retain full freedom of movement. A special holographic visor emits just the right amount of light to your retina. And, a ‘light shot’ of Bagels & Beans can certainly be effective. A single session of 15 minutes can already produce results. But it is best to get coffee or bagels for a ‘glasses session’ five days in a row – for optimal effect you should continue to repeat the light treatment for at least five days.

Bagels, Beans and… light

Coffee chain Bagels & Beans now has 48 branches. The initiative of the boost through light therapy glasses was organized by Bagels & Beans together with light therapy specialist Goodlite, the Dutch distributor of the Luminette. “In countries such as Norway and Sweden, it is already very normal for light therapy to be offered in public places to supplement the shortage of daylight in the dark winter months,” says Bagels & Beans founder Ronald Bakker. “We are very pleased that we can now offer this personal service in all our branches. Happy, cheerful and energetic people, that is our goal!” You must of course keep in mind that light therapy at Bagels & Beans is not a substitute for targeted medical treatment for serious complaints, but is especially nice for some extra energy. A welcome boost!

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