10 tips for a better love life!

If you want a better sex life, start with yourself and look at your own needs. Try to prevent your sex life from becoming boring and predictable. The sex drive will then quickly disappear. Sex should not become routine in your relationship. Keep the tension and passion going and make sure you don’t let it fade over time.

Being more dominant in the bedroom helps

No, you don’t have to start wearing leather with handcuffs and whips. Just taking charge and being dominant is enough. Order him to strip and then give you kisses on your foot, then your legs, then your knees and then.. He will have to listen. You can use a blindfold if necessary.

Sporty life

There seems to be a link between exercise and sex. Exercise pumps your blood through your body, making your orgasm many times more intense than normal. For maximum volume, you will have to exercise at the end of the day and then enjoy a romantic evening at home. It is of course nice if you both do sports and not just one of the two.

A real Hollywood kiss

You must have done this at least once, at least once a week, or once a day (even better!!). Just like in a real romantic scene where THE kiss is given and it jumps off the screen, you also have to give that kiss. Grab his thighs, reel him in, and make sure you give him an unforgettable kiss with all the trimmings. This creates real sensual tension between you. Not much later it goes a step further.

A naughty movie

Tell him that you rented a nice movie, which you will then watch together (in bed). Surprise him by turning off the light and then putting in a more naughty movie. This cannot escape his notice and he will usually go along with it. A sensual evening is born and the film will probably be returned to the movie rental.

Quickies, and lots of them too…

Divert his attention by giving him a good quickie 10 minutes before leaving for work or just before a dinner or outing. Leave him to his own imagination with the big question: when can it happen next? It can pass and it is a very passionate relationship.

Digging up memories

Think back to the time when you first started dating and what the sex was like between you during that period. Exciting moments or strange places, it’s always fun to make these kinds of memories together. As a result, the passion can suddenly return and perhaps a deja vu may arise.

Unconditional love

So your guy doesn’t have the muscles of Brad Pitt or Sting’s face. That doesn’t mean he’s worthless to you. Whisper to him often enough that he is the most beautiful, sexiest man in the world and that you would like to do anything with him. This inflames a man’s ego, literally turning him into a wild bull. Lust and love shoot through the (bed)room.

Celebrate every part of your life

Remember, you only live once, so make the most of it by sharing it fully with your partner. Celebrate every occasion, from Valentine’s Day to 1 year together or from holiday periods to loving evenings spent together at home. This is an incentive for both people in the relationship and will lead to more mutual respect and better sex.

Yoga in your life

Calm, stable breathing is not only good for a good yoga exercise. It’s the secret behind the best orgasm ever. Even without any experience, this is still reasonable to keep track of. Instead of holding your breath as an orgasm approaches, you will need to exhale slowly. This causes all the air to leave your lungs, after which you inhale again. Perfect exercise for a great sex life.

Let your dream come true

Why would you let a terribly nice dream fade away as soon as you wake up? That would be a waste. Next time you wake up after a nice dream, wake him up or then continue the dream into reality. Believe me, he will thank you for it!

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