Lose weight with yogurt

Can you lose weight by eating yogurt? Various studies have shown that this is indeed very possible. Yogurt offers very good support for people who want to lose extra kilos. What should you pay attention to if you want to lose weight with this product and is any type of yogurt good for losing weight?

Lose weight with yogurt

Most people know that yogurt is a healthy product, but are not aware of the positive effect yogurt can have on your weight. Various studies have shown that you experience fewer cravings if you add yogurt to your diet. The yogurt will improve your blood sugar level and make you less likely to get hungry. Yogurt also contains lean proteins, which help you build muscle faster. The better your muscle building is, the more calories you can burn during exercise. It is also nice to know that yogurt ensures that you lose weight permanently. So it won’t come back again.

Flatter stomach with yogurt

The same study showed that people who regularly eat yogurt get rid of their stomach faster than people who do not. Yogurt could also help with that annoying last fat on your stomach that you just can’t seem to get rid of.


Many studies have already been conducted into the combination of yogurt and weight loss and the results have always been positive. For example, Irish scientists have been monitoring two groups. One group ate about five hundred calories less per day without adding yogurt to the diet. The other group also ate five hundred calories less per day and had a bowl of yogurt three times a day. The people who had added yogurt to their diet had lost about 22% more weight than the group that did not eat yogurt. Also, the group that ate yogurt had a much greater weight loss around the waist than the other group.

How many?

Don’t overdo the amount of yogurt in a day. This is not good anyway. So do not eat more than a maximum of three bowls per day. For example, you can eat this for breakfast, as a snack and as dessert after dinner.

How do you eat the yogurt?

You can eat the yogurt in a bowl, preferably without added sugar. You can add pieces of fruit to the bowl, such as strawberry, melon or lemon. Yogurt can also be used very well as a sauce or dressing. Yogurt is also a great substitute for sour cream. You can also use yogurt to put on a pancake, for example, and you can even freeze it and make delicious ice creams this way.

Yogurt diet

Beware of the yogurt diet. Although yogurt is very helpful in losing weight, the yogurt diet is much less good for you. This is a diet where you eat nothing but yogurt for entire days. You then get far too few good nutrients. A crash diet is never good for you and often only causes temporary weight loss. The weight usually comes back immediately as soon as you eat normally.

Healthy lifestyle

It is best to create a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy and exercise enough. Make sure you exercise at least half an hour a day. Yogurt can be a great tool for losing weight, but don’t see it as a miracle cure. However, you can quickly gain the desired weight if you add more yogurt to your food. Losing weight permanently is very difficult, but not impossible. Good luck!

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