Atlantis ring: protection and intuition

The mysterious Atlantis ring, found during Egyptian excavations, is used not only to strengthen intuitive and telepathic gifts, but also to protect the wearer from environmental pollution, diseases and car accidents. The special geometric design would create an invisible shield that blocks electromagnetic rays from outside and that has a harmonizing effect on the energy fields of the body.

Discovery of the Atlantis Ring

The famous Egyptologist, the French Marquis DAngrain, discovered the Atlantis ring in 1860 in the tomb of an Egyptian high priest. It is one of the most mysterious objects in Egypt whose origin can only be assumed. The image symbolism on the ring does not occur on other Egyptian amulets from the period before and during the pharaohs (5500 to 4000 BC). So the motive must have come from somewhere else.
It is suggested that the ring was made by the inhabitants of the legendary empire of Atlantis, long before the period of the Pharaohs. There are several indications for this:

  • The three horizontal bars in the middle of the ring are said to refer to the Column of the World , which collapsed after a volcanic eruption, causing Atlantis to disappear beneath the waves.
  • The two triangles at the ends are said to symbolize the two pillars of Hercules that formed the entrance to Atlantis.
  • The three-row motif is reminiscent of the three ramparts that surround the center of Atlantis. This similarity is reinforced by canals that cross the ramparts. The three bars on the ring have also been cut.

However, this symbolism also occurs in other places, so it is not more than an interpretation. In India, for example, we also find the double triangle motif at the ends of single rods (the so-called Yoni-Lingam). These represent the cosmos. The symbolism of the three ramparts can be found among the Celts, the Hindus and the Southern French Cathars.

Positive properties of the Atlantis ring


The Atlantis ring provides a protective shield around the body that protects against all possible external dangers: occult influences, earth rays, water veins, environmental pollution, electrical disturbances, etc. Anyone wearing the ring would also be unable to become the victim of a car accident.
A good example of the protective effect of the Atlantis ring lies hidden in the story of the Curse of Tutankhamun . When the tomb of this pharaoh was discovered in 1922, the following text was found at the entrance on a clay tablet: Death will strike with its wings anyone who disturbs the eternal sleep of the pharaoh. In the following years, seventeen of the eighteen members of the expedition died mysterious deaths. Perhaps the walls or objects in the tomb had been smeared with a slow-acting deadly poison. Or perhaps dangerous viruses or bacteria had been released from the food stored in the tomb after 3,500 years. Anyway, only one person escaped the famous curse of the pharaohs : Howard Carter, the person responsible for the expedition. However, Carter inventoried all the objects, assisted in the study of the mummy, etc. His secret: a mysterious Atlantis ring that he had found in the death chamber of a chief priest at the beginning of his career.


The health of our body is endangered every day by a variety of negative energies: cosmic radiation, interference fields, friction of earth layers, etc. When these influences are too numerous, the aura around our body can become disordered. Disturbances within this aura inevitably lead to disruption of the body itself. The Atlantis ring forms, as it were, a barrier against these negative influences and also maintains the balance between the different energetic rays of the body. The general health condition is thus improved.
On the left hand the ring provides protection against earth disturbances and occult influences. On the right hand, the ring filters the vibrations of your own body.


Worn on the middle finger, the Atlantis ring is a good tool if you need to convince someone of your opinion or to succeed in difficult negotiations.

Lucky charm

The ring removes obstacles from the wearer’s path so that he or she reaches his or her goal more easily.

Intuition and telepathy

The wearer of the ring gains access to the realm of intuition and telepathy. Contact is made more easily with other people and even with deceased beings. Intuitive and telepathic abilities would be increased by half.

Wearing the Atlantis ring

Of course you will have to make do with a copy of the Atlantis ring, but that should not be a problem provided the ring gets its strength from the special geometric shapes. The ring is highly personal. It is an object that gradually adapts to the body energies of the wearer. The ring may therefore not simply be passed on to someone else. Experts recommend cleaning the ring according to a certain ritual to purify it from the influences it underwent during the production process. The Atlantis Ring is available in most esoteric stores.

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