Preventing, remedying and treating gray hair

The cause of gray hair can be many-sided: heredity, stress, poor diet, lack of vitamins, chemo and poor condition of the scalp. By tackling these causes at the root, you can prevent, remedy and treat gray hair. Here are some tips.



In most cases, premature gray hair has a lot to do with heredity. If one of your parents turned gray at a young age, there is a chance that you will also have to deal with this at a young age.

Nutrition and vitamins

After heredity, poor nutrition is the leading cause of premature gray hair. Make sure you eat a varied diet and get enough vitamins and, if necessary, take a nutritional supplement. Vitamin B, iron, copper and iodine are especially important to maintain the color of your hair.

Condition of your scalp

Poor condition of the scalp is also the cause of gray hair. Regularly walking around with dirty hair certainly promotes gray hair. Washing your hair with water that is too hot and styling it too hot afterwards is also bad for the condition of your hair and should be avoided if you want to prevent gray hair.

Stress and fatigue

Gray hair due to stress and fatigue is a common cause. Stress and problems cause an incredible amount of tension in the scalp, preventing vitamins and oxygen from reaching the hair. The effect of this can be immediate. Everyone knows at least one person who went gray in one night.


Certain types of chemo for cancer patients can turn hair gray or fall out in a very short time. This is one of the normal side effects of the treatment.

Preventing, remedying and treating gray hair

Power supply

Certain foods should be avoided at all times if you want to prevent, remedy and treat gray hair. These foods include sugar, cookies, white bread, white pasta, soft drinks, jam, cakes and pastries.

Yogurt with brewer’s yeast

Eat a jar of yogurt with a tablespoon of brewer’s yeast every day. This is the ideal remedy to remedy, treat and prevent gray hair.

Curry leaves

Eating curry leaves in abundance also helps prevent and cure gray. You can eat the curry leaves as chutney or squeezed into buttermilk.


Take extra vitamins and minerals to prevent and treat gray hair. Give preference to the following vitamins and minerals: iron, copper, iodine and vitamin B12.

Tea as rinse water

You can easily treat gray hair by replacing the last rinse water with cold tea after shampooing. This helps to reduce premature gray hair.

Massage the scalp with almond oil

Massage your scalp with almond oil several times a week. This improves blood flow to the hair and gives it extra nutrients at the same time.

Massage of the forehead

Massaging your forehead daily is also an effective way to prevent gray hair. This removes blockages and improves blood flow.


You can of course always camouflage gray hair by coloring it. Although this is the most commonly used method, many people refuse to do it to avoid the negative effects of the chemicals on the body. Also remember that coloring your hair can make graying worse. Using henna is a more natural way to camouflage gray hair. Moreover, henna makes the hair softer.

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