A mini hair straightener: The must-have for all women!

You know the phenomenon: women with curly hair want straight hair and women with straight hair want curls. The hair straightener and curling iron were created for this purpose. But such a thing is always big and doesn’t fit in your handbag. Once a big gust of wind and…. Right…. There goes your coupe! Now there is the solution: a mini hair straightener!

What is a mini hair straightener?

A mini hair straightener works just like a normal hair straightener, but is much smaller (about 15 cm) and can therefore easily be taken with you, for example when traveling. The hair straightener often needs to be connected to a socket, although there are also some that you can plug into the car. The hair straighteners have an on and off button and some can adjust the temperature.

Both styles and curls

It may surprise you, but with a mini hair straightener you can both straighten and curl your hair. The longer the hair, the more time and effort it takes to straighten the hair because the heating plates are much smaller than with a normal hair straightener. The same applies to curling: for long hair it is better to use a curling iron.
How are those curls made? Unfortunately, this does not work the same as with a regular curling iron, because the top of the hair straightener is not heated. Unlike a curling iron, you start at the top of your hair and not at the bottom. Making curls works as follows: you take a section of hair, put it in the hair straightener at the top of the section (so near your scalp, but not too close!), pinch it closed, rotate it 360 degrees (so if the mark at the front, turn it so that the mark is also at the front) and then slowly pull the straightener downwards. When you let go, you will see that a beautiful curl has formed. You may not succeed the first few times, but practice makes perfect! There are useful videos on the internet that explain exactly how to do it.

Protect your hair!

Because a hair straightener becomes very hot (about 200 degrees), the hair must be protected against this heat. There are many special products for sale at the drugstore, the hairdresser or via the internet. Examples are Bioslik Slik Therapy, Gliss Kur Serum Nutri-protect and L’OrĂ©al Play Ball Slick Caramel.

Different types of

If you decide that your future hair straightener will be a mini, you still have the problem: which one? This depends on the design, the records, the brand, and last but not least: the price.


The mini hair straighteners are available in different colors and sometimes have a nice pattern. The design varies per brand. For example, Remington minis are available in different colors (for example red and pink), Jaguar has a hair straightener with a nice pattern and Sephora only has a black one (which is also very stylish).


The plates can be made entirely of ceramic material, or only have a ceramic coating. The plates that are completely ceramic are more expensive, but also better for your hair. The ceramic coating may wear out after a lot of use. This is very bad for your hair. This is not possible with ceramic plates.
Brands such as Babyliss, Remington, Jaguar, Sephora and Ultron have designed a mini hair straightener . For the real brand fanatic, there is also the mini hair straightener from CHI. The CHI brand is known for good quality products. However, it does come with a price tag: the mini hair straightener costs around 90 euros (depending on where it is purchased). CHI regularly issues a limited edition, now also for the mini hair straightener. These are very nice and unique, but not for sale in the Netherlands.


All of these above-mentioned features ultimately lead to a certain price. Prices range from about 10 euros to 100 euros.

Where to buy?

They are often available at hairdressing shops. If this is not the case, the internet is a very good option. There is a large selection on the internet and all minis can be compared with each other. Mini hair straighteners are sometimes also for sale in some drugstores and other stores such as Blokker and Action, but the selection is smaller there.
As you can read – plenty of choice! And ultimately they all do the same thing: they provide a beautiful hairstyle, so you can leave the house with confidence! It may take more time than with a normal hair straightener, but the result is certainly impressive.

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