Preventing physical complaints

People often suffer from back, neck and arms. After a hard day of work you may have pain in your upper back, aching arms or other muscle complaints. These complaints arise because you maintain an incorrect posture for a long time. How can you prevent these complaints? And you can easily do this yourself, or do you always have to visit a doctor or physiotherapist.

Sitting complaints behind the screen

We all sometimes suffer from physical complaints, such as in the neck and shoulder. This is usually because we are all staring at a screen these days. Poor posture with a rounded upper back is usually the main culprit. This is the most common posture that people have when working at a computer. This causes the shoulder blades to slope forward and upward. It is also called sitting with little muscle strength. How are you actually reading this? By paying more attention to this, you will prevent problems with your back, neck and shoulders. So sit upright with good posture. You should do these exercises for 2 minutes.

Keep moving while you work

People exercise less and less and that is obviously not good. Working from home is also becoming increasingly popular, and there is therefore a risk that you spend less and less time outside. Walking to the train, bus or car is no longer necessary and sitting at home is a fact. Before you know it, you spend a lot of time working in the same position throughout the day, often without a good desk or office chair. It is important to loosen up your body every hour. Think of your shoulders, arms, legs and head. Gently release them and twist and swing your arms without forcing them. You should do these exercises for 3 minutes.

A good workplace is half the battle

Sitting behind a screen can cause physical complaints. You can remedy these complaints by adjusting your desk so that your arms work at a 90-degree angle. You should not place a mouse too far away from you, it is best to position your screen at eye level and adjust your chair properly so that you maintain an upright posture. If you catch yourself staring at your screen for too long, it is a good idea to zoom in on your screen or use a larger font. Try to sit upright as much as possible and stretch your upper back. Do this every hour for a few minutes of stretching.

Keep your chin tucked in

Due to working behind a screen and driving a car, many people tend to lower their heads forward. The muscles that have to lift our head are not designed for this, which causes all kinds of neck complaints. Therefore, hold your chin in such a way that you have the feeling that your chin is slightly retracted.

Keep your muscles strong

There are many muscles in your back and all kinds of things can go wrong with them if you do not maintain good posture or exercise occasionally. The muscle between your shoulder blades tends to relax, while this muscle should be slightly tense. The muscles above that towards your neck tend to tense up, while they should relax again. Stretch your upper body by elongating yourself towards the crown of your head, this allows the muscles to do what they are supposed to do. Do this exercise regularly during the day for a few minutes.

If the complaints persist

Muscle complaints can go away if you take these exercises seriously. If the complaints do not disappear, please contact a physiotherapist or, if necessary, your GP. Pain that radiates into arms, neck, head and shoulders is a sign that something is wrong. You can rest to reduce the symptoms, but do not always lie in bed. Keep moving normally.

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