Which scent best suits your personality?

You are looking for a fragrance that suits you, but still reflects your character. You want to be taken seriously in your work, but still be found attractive. What should you pay attention to when buying a new fragrance? It does not have to be the case that a modern perfume suits your character.

Which scent actually suits your personality best?

Women don’t always have it easy. You smell a fragrance on someone else and think: that smells nice. If you are brave enough, ask what fragrance she is wearing. If you have time, go to the perfumery to get another tester. Verhip: if you wear it yourself it’s disappointing. And so you continue to search for the ideal scent that suits you.

What do your scent preferences depend on?

In that respect, women don’t always have it easy. We have a reputation for being erratic, but this has everything to do with our hormones. We’re not even talking about memories yet. Because our hormone levels fluctuate so much throughout the month, your scent preference may change from day to day. The most extreme example is pregnant women: they can be so sensitive to odors that even the perfume they normally prefer to wear or their partner’s aftershave suddenly become repulsive. Your age also plays a role. Young girls are generally better off with a cloyingly sweet or very floral scent. If you are older or want to appear businesslike, you should be careful with this. The time of year also plays a role. In winter people generally wear heavier scents than in the middle of summer! In summer, most women prefer floral scents or scents with a lot of citrus.

Time of day: a lighter scent during the day

During the day, it is generally recommended to wear a lighter scent. In the evening it can be a bit heavier and more pronounced!

Edible flavors

Young girls and women who want to have a sensual appearance can opt for “edible” flavors. Think of the classic vanilla, chocolate, sweet fruits and real “candy” scents. Again, think about your age. A candy smell on a woman over forty might seem ridiculous.

White flowers

For women who want a slightly flirty look, white flowers are a good choice. Think of freesia and tuberose. If white is one of your favorite colors and you love spring, this will be a winner.


The wood scents. If you want a classic, cool look, choose light wood scents. Think of cedar and sandalwood. This is suitable for women who have or aspire to a managerial position.


If you want a fresh, cool yet businesslike appearance, the entire range of citrus fruits is a good choice.

Fresh flowers

For women who are in the softer sector, a fresh floral scent can underline their character. If you work in business services, a scent like this brings a feminine eye for detail….

Sea, salt and water scents

If you are sporty, like sun, sea and water and outdoor activities, the spicy scents of algae and sea salt suit you well. For real outdoor people, there are also scents based on water flowers, grass and herbs that suggest a fresh rain shower.

Perfume for the mystical woman

And last but not least: the oriental or mystical woman. This works best with animalic, spicy scents. A classic is patchouli, amber, vanilla and even herbs or pepper can give the perfume the right touch.

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