Perfume Questionnaire

How do you store your precious fragrances? What should you pay attention to when choosing a new fragrance? What is the difference between perfume, eau de toilette and eau fraîche? Is it wise to just give someone else an unsolicited perfume as a gift? These questions are answered in this perfume FAQ.

How do you store your precious fragrance and fragrances?

Unfortunately, a scent doesn’t last forever. But if you follow these tips you can enjoy the scents for longer:

  • Heat and (sun)light are disastrous for your perfume. That is why it is not only beautiful, but also functional to store the fragrance in the supplied box. Sunlight and heat cause the fragrances to decompose more quickly.
  • In general, fragrances last for two years. Be frugal, but not too much! So a mega-large bottle may be well-intentioned, but not really useful. If possible, buy two small perfume bottles. It is even better to visit the perfumery an extra time. Also consider a perfume outlet. If you really like a scent, you can easily order perfume online. If you have such a mega bottle, store it in a cool and dark place.
  • If you always want to have your favorite scent with you, don’t take the original bottle with you, but buy a small travel pack. If you really love a scent, you can always buy that perfume. All that shaking quickly reduces the quality of your fragrances!


What do I buy: eau de toilette, eau fraîche or perfume?

If you buy a perfume especially for summer, you can opt for lighter versions. You may also
buy your favorite scent, but in a lower concentration. The following classification is roughly used:

  • Eau fraiche. The main note of this fragrance comes from its citrus overtone. Furthermore, a fresh floral scent. The fragrance content is approximately seven percent. Usually available in large bottles, often without spray.
  • Eau de toilette evaporates fairly quickly. The emphasis is again on the top notes (usually citrus and light floral scents). The content of fragrances is approximately ten percent. Is cheaper than the perfume or eau de perfume.
  • Eau de perfume. The heart notes dominate. The content of fragrances is fifteen to twenty percent. Less concentrated than the perfume or extract. Sold in smaller bottles than the eau de toilette.
  • Perfume or extract. The content of fragrances can reach forty percent. The percentage of fragrances can be as high as forty percent. It is sold in small bottles because you only need a little.


Buying perfume in a perfumery (perfume shop)

You are going to buy perfume and have decided to try a different scent. If you go to a perfumery (perfume shop) you must observe a number of rules:

  • It is not without reason that the saying goes: “Everything good comes in threes.” Try out up to three fragrances at the same time. It is simply known that otherwise you can no longer make the distinction.
  • Tips from famous perfumers Do not rub the scent on your skin. Then you damage the structure of the perfume. Another deadly sin is shaking the bottle. You disturb the perfume and encourage spoilage.

Don’t just spray the perfume on fragrance strips, try it directly on your skin. As you probably already know, your body odor is a combination of all kinds of factors. Even the time of the month (your hormones) in combination with the perfume determine your overall scent. So apply the perfume and wait for a few minutes or even hours. A perfume consists of a number of “layers” or “notes”.

Buying perfume as a gift for someone else is not wise

Buying a perfume as a gift for someone else is therefore not wise. A scent is very personal. If you want to play it safe, buy a fragrance that the person in question already likes. In women, the preference for scents can even change during the course of the cycle.

Traditional perfume structure

A traditionally structured perfume consists of the following layers:

  • The top notes. This is the impression and hours that the perfume leaves in the first fifteen minutes. Orange and lemon scents are usually used for the top notes. So fresh scents.
  • The heart notes. As the name suggests, this scent is what it’s all about. After the first fifteen minutes the heart scent breaks through the top scent. Generally, a floral scent is used as the heart note.
  • The base notes. This is the residual odor you smell after about two hours. Wood scents are usually used for this.


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